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Spilling Batten Technique

Posted by on February 1, 2014

Looking through all of our Motorhome Renovation Videos on our YouTube Channel I realised something! People keep on asking me how we renovated our Bedford Comair yet I haven’t really shared the videos here at New Life on the Road, I have tried writing it instead I should just share what we have already created!

So over the next few weeks I am sorting out the videos into easier categories, and sharing them over here so that if the questions keep on coming about how we renovated our Motorhome then I can simple point them in the right direction.

Spilling Batten Technique ::

Spilling Batten Technique is used by Boat Builders to make cupboards/space or anything that has a curved surface but needs a flat/straight front to it.

Now there is no way in the world would I be able to write this one down to describe the tricky steps, so lucky when David was using this very technique for the front Cupboard I thought to video the steps…..

Part 1 ::

YouTube Preview Image

Part 2 ::

YouTube Preview Image

Part 3 ::

YouTube Preview Image

Part 4 ::

YouTube Preview Image

This technique is perfect for Motorhomes, nothing is straight in here! Perfect for renovating old houses, boats, or basically any where that needs this very technique!!

Would You Use The Spilling Batten Technique?



New Life on the Road




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7 Responses to Spilling Batten Technique

  1. budget jan

    That will come in very handy for lots of people. Definitely too hard to describe in words!
    budget jan recently posted..Fantastic Friday Civil War Forts and a walk with a Spanish Dog

    • Lisa

      Yeah Jan, there is no way that I could have written about the technique! So glad I thought to video the steps :)

  2. Mike

    I did watch all 4 videos. Lordy, I wish I was as blessed as David is to be so crafty! I’ve told you this before I just love listening to all of you talk. You, David, Cameron, Kyle. A close friend of mine came back from Australia just last week and said that you folks are as intrigued with our accents? Anyhoo, I so need to hire David for some home renovation! Great job, sir! :)
    Mike recently posted..Pasta alla Vodka To Spice Up Your Saturday Night Date

    • Lisa

      Hi Mike,
      I so LOVE your accents, its way better than us Aussies!!!

      David is really handy with what ever he wants to do, just wished he could use his skills to own his own business!! If we are ever over your way he would love to help you out with your renovations :)


  3. Susan

    I would say it is easy to watch then performing and same is the case with David here. It was done effortlessly. This is really useful and can be very handy for the people who are not even in the motor homes.


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