DraughT Horse Heavy Horse Heritage Day

Last weekend we drove down to Apple Tree Creek {it was David’s Birthday weekend} for the DraughT Horse Heavy Horse Heritage Day which was not very well advertised because the week before we had been to Apple Tree Creek to meet up with another travelling family – to the very same location and there was no signage around to say what day it was on or time.

Luckily we have a family member who heard it on the radio and then I did a google search for the details – which came up with Central Queensland Information about the day! Glad we drove down there to see the Horses at work – it was beyond spectacular to see so many fine Draught Horses {Clydesdales} on display. Some were working in the main arena, some working on the field and then we were able to view the others in small enclosures with all of their information about their Proud Blood Lines, and who broke them in for harness.

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Our Motorhome Is Back

We have tried to have Our Motorhome back with us {since December it has been stored}. Not sure if any of our friends realised but David went down to Sydney a few months ago to replace the Fuel Injector Pump with the one that was always in the Bus – it had been rebuilt a few times and cost over $2000,00 {I think it was closer to $3000.00} but was still not working.

When he went down {a few months back} and fitted the Injector back into the Motorhome she was still making a weird noise, and he was not sure if the problem was fixed. But decided to see if he could bring her home and hit the highway. But soon realised that there was an issue and so he had returned back to the Storage Facility.

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Love On Bruce Highway Gympie

As we have been driving back and forwards for weeks on end for Family reasons…..actually it was about two months of lots of driving from the Sunshine Coast and back up north…I have driven past Hell Town Hotrods so many times {one day I will stop to check out that amazing place} and we have seen the Love Heart across the road from Hell Town Hotrods but I haven’t been able to pull over to grab a picture.

Until Friday!!! I seen the Love on Bruce Highway Gympie in time for me to actually pull over safely, jump out of our Campervan and grab a pic or two! The farmer in the paddock has my heart….

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Abbey Medieval Festival

On the weekend we kept a promise to Kyle – he had seen that the Abbey Medieval Festival was coming up in July and he begged us to take him! He loves all things about the Medieval times {and Kombi Vans!} so it was a wonderful day to see him enjoying each store, every hands on display and waiting the Real Sword Fighting!

The Favorite Picture From The Day ::

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Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary

Today we joined in on a Treasure Hunt at the Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary – a fun day out organised by Sunshine Coast Council Events – Kyle’s best mates Mum let us know about it – so grateful for such amazing friends!

Even though Kyle’s best mate couldn’t make it {and we really missed him} we still decided to go along cause we all needed a day out and about in the gorgeous healing sunshine.

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Kondalilla Falls

Today we finally went back to Kondalilla Falls, searching for the mystery Geocache that we had found awhile ago, because we wanted to check out the contents and find who owned it, and see whose names were in the log book. Unfortunately the plastic food container of goodies was gone 🙁

But we did have fun walking down to the water fall, and exploring. Kyle spotted a big eel in the water but when he tried to show David it had moved on. We did want to go down to the very bottom of the water fall but a big landslide had happened, with big rocks on the footpath so it was blocked off, still wonder how many people walk over the orange tape and walk on down?

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The Jump He Didnt Do

Kyle {our youngest for those that are new here} Is our little Monkey, our adventures one who has no issues about climbing very high trees. But luckily he does have an issue about Jumping down from very high up places. The Jump He Didn’t Do and I was so very glad {to say the least}.

We didn’t ask him not to jump, and I most certainly didn’t encourage him to jump. We let him make up his own mind, and he soon realised that jumping from so high up into a small amount of sand might not end to well….

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Skipping Stones At The Beach

Skipping Stones At The Beach

Today was one of those Days! You know those days, when you want to crawl back into bed but you can’t cause kids won’t let you? Yeah I had one of those. But I had to go on, so we spent the morning {hours} down in the Pool. Then David picked us up so that I could go to the Post Office to pick up our Homeschooling Supplies Delivery, and he went back to work.

Then we headed to the Beach before having to having to pick him up – actually he got a lift home 🙂

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Rainbow Beach

I am trying to get back on track in every aspect of my life! From Blogging, to even healthier way of eating – gosh Do I miss my Green Smoothies every morning.

To working out – yeah still need to work on finding a gym that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and one that lets me leave when we need to, without having to pay an heavy exit fee.

To getting more sleep….if you see me out and about on the Sunshine Coast excuse the Big Bags under my eyes, and the long hair in my eyes,…..I kinda got a bit neglectful for myself which was silly cause that caused a huge melt down when our motorhome broke down.

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Bellingham Maze :: Get Lost!

Cameron and I got to spend some quality time together! It was so nice, normally Kyle and I have quality time or we all go out as a family together….not so much one-on-one with the others. Since we did and had lots of fun at Bellingham Maze we are now looking at other attractions where we go together.

Bellingham Maze :: Get Lost

And boy did I ever….Cameron worked out how to get into the Maze and out within next to no time, and was racing ahead – saying “See you soon, Mum”.

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