Sunday Fun Day Trains Buses Ferries

On Sunday the public transport has Sunday Fun Day Trains Buses Ferries are all one set fee for the whole day, on GoCard its only $2.60. It used to be $2.50 a few years ago but now its go to $2.60!!!

That is amazing value. We caught so many trains yesterday, and then decided to catch a Ferry for the fun of it…we got off at Circular Quay and headed to Parramatta just for the fun of it!

We went from Central to The Powerhouse Museum, then walked back up to Central Train Station, caught another train to Circular Quay, and on to the Ferry.

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Future Park The Powerhouse Museum

We decided to pay the small fee to see the Future Park – Learn and Play – At the Powerhouse Museum. I wasn’t going to but we don’t know when we will back down in Sydney and Kyle really enjoyed himself so I am glad we did pay the extra.

The Powerhouse Museum is free entry for kids – there are three floors of displays so there is a lot to see and do.

Future Park Learn And Play –

Where Kyle was able to make a Mini figure of himself, scan it into the computer and watch it up on the wall. It sure looked like Kyle, and it moved fast 🙂

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The Powerhouse Museum

I have taken Cameron to The Powerhouse Museum ages ago. But I haven’t ever taken Kyle to The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Until Yesterday. Now I would say that he is hooked on the place! He loved it. Had the best time ever.

The downstairs section is free for kids, along with the next floor. There is a paid section which we ended up deciding to do – and I am so glad we did because Kyle loved it!! It was all about “Future Park” – where Kyle was able to colour in a picture, scan it and see it come up on a wall that interacts with other drawings. Yeah it was super cool and super fun.

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Redfern New South Wales

Recently I was done in New South Wales as I had to finish off my Diploma of Remedial Massage through my college. And you all know how much I love walking, so I walked the city streets, looking for Geocaches. Funny enough I walked the Streets of Redfern New South Wales the day before my birthday Surprise from David, walking near where i had to be the next day!

Redfern New South Wales

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