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Thanking Nuffnang For Making My Dream Come True

Posted by on December 11, 2011

I am back to the land of living! I was dreaming – I am sure I was….because Yesterday I was in Melbourne and today I am at home. It was all possible because of Nuffnang and Schweppes!

For that I could never say thank you enough. You see I entered a competition about My Favorite Schweppes Cocktail and I was stunned – I actually won a trip to Melbourne, to a cocktail party, and an over night stay in the most amazing hotel.

Sharing My Dream Come True

There were many reasons why I wanted so badly to win the Trip to Melbourne. One of them being that I need to get out of my comfort zone, and another one being that I have never been to a Schweppes Cocktail Party before.

thanking Nuffnang for making my dream come true

One of the many christmas displays in Melbourne

The other reason was I love Melbourne, and my older son is also down there. I was so lucky I got to see him for about four hours on Saturday, and spend some much-needed time together. It has been nine weeks since I have seen him, and yet he was still the same….smiling away as he loves his new lifestyle!

Staying In Melbourne

Did you know that Melbourne has been voted the best city of Australia? I can understand why…the cafes, the lifestyle, the trams, the amazing shops, the lifestyle (opps already said that one!) and the night life.

Melbourne Cafe

The Best Place For Food!

Well I am not sure about the night life but I reckon it would be the best! Going down to Melbourne I had to be up at the crack of dawn, and on a train from Nambour by 4.30am. Into Brisbane and then onto a flight with Qantas. My flight was for 7.55am!

Flying With Qantas

I actually Love Flying with Qantas – yep I love the big plane with the big kangaroo, and the great breakfast on board. Not sure that I like their self-service set-up!

Did you know that you now have to put your own label on your bags, and then put your own bag onto the conveyor belt. BUT if your label is not up the right way then your bag can’t be read?

Luckily for me I only had to fix that situation twice…the elderly couple next to me had to TRY to fix it four times, before calling over for Staff to help them – and before you ask – Yes I did try to help them but even I couldn’t get the label to be read!

 Arriving In Melbourne

After my two-hour flight into Melbourne, and adjusting my time difference on my mobile phone, I headed to the Skybus which takes you into Southern Cross Station. From there I was directed to the Trams which took me into St Kilda. I loved the Tram very first ever :)


The Tolarno Hotel – the most amazing place!

Seen as how I have never been to St Kilda before, I asked for directions from another tram rider, about when to get off for “The Tolarno Hotel” exit. A kind group of back packers (who used to live in St Kilda) let me know when my stop was ahead!

Happy To Be In Melbourne

I was so happy to be in Melbourne! Once I had access to my hotel room – which by the way was amazing – I grabbed my drink bottle, and my sunny’s and headed out the door.

Melbourne Hotel

The Tolarno Hotel – where the colours were amazing!

Melbourne Hotel

The Tolarno Hotel – the room is perfect!

I really should have packed my hat as it was so HOT! I walked all  over St Kilda, from Fitzroy Street to the beach front, passed Launa Park, and kept walking until I was sure that I had seen enough. Then I started my walk back to the hotel, to rest up, have a shower and get ready for the Schweppes/Nuffnang Cocktail Party that was to be held at The Stokehouse from 7.00pm.


Launa Park Melbourne!

Wait To You See The Cocktails That Were Passed Around!

I was stunned – the Cocktail Party was held at the Stokehouse which is on the water front. There was LOTS of people swimming in the beach..right up till when the Sun was going down. I guess it was because of Day Light Savings that I was so stunned to see so many people out and about.

The Stokehouse Melbourne

Schweppes Cocktails at The Stokehouse Melbounre

Meeting The Team From Nuffnang and Stokehouse!

The best hi-light of my night was meeting the other amazing bloggers (food bloggers), the Social Media Manager of Stokehouse and the team from Nuffnang! It was the most amazing night…watching drinking cocktails while the sun was going down :)

Schweppes Cocktails

The Schweppes Motor Bike!

The Stokehouse Melbourne

One of my all time favorite Cocktails!

Then slowly walking back to The Tolarno Hotel to spend a comfy night in a big double bed by myself!

Cant wait to share the combinations of desserts and cocktails that were on offer! Plus the amazing night that I spent with some amazing  people!

What Do You Like About Melbourne?




Please note – that my visit to Melbourne was made possible by Nuffnang, Schweppes and the Stokehouse. By entering the competition with Nuffnang my fligt to and from Melbourne and my accommodation on the Thursday night was courtesy of Nuffnang.

All thoughts and opinions are my own!


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14 Responses to Thanking Nuffnang For Making My Dream Come True

  1. The World of Deej

    Sounds like a great trip, and you certainly can’t beat that it was free! Beautiful spot for a cocktail party:)
    The World of Deej recently posted..Deej’s Picture of the Week

    • Lisa

      Hi The World Of Deej,

      It was a gorgeous place for a cocktail – just perfect!!


  2. Tegan

    This is fantastic lisa! Congrats on winning the comp, and look at all the amazing drinks! I just got back recently from a conference in Melbourne and I loved it, cant wait to go back there again!
    Tegan recently posted..White Club Dresses

    • Lisa

      Hi Tegan,

      It is the best city to be in! Thanks for the congratulations ;)


  3. Wilson

    Congrats Lisa! I love Melbourne as well. Especially the food in Melbourne, it is amazing. There are so many different varieties and they all taste amazing. The night life in Melbourne is really good too if you are a party kind of person. Interesting article!

    Kind regards,
    Wilson recently posted..Occasion Wear For Weddings

    • Lisa

      Hi Wilson,

      Sure is amazing in Melbourne! I reckon the night life would be fantastic – might go out at night time down there (at least so I can see whats it like!)


  4. Toni-Louise Forsyth

    Lisa… that really is like a dream come true.

    I totally love Melbourne! It’s the kind of city you could never run out of something to do and the food there is amazing!! So much variety and choice and all so authentic! Have been there quite a number of times, but how awesome for you to attend the Schweppes/Nuffnang Cocktail Party!

    You so certainly deserved to indulge in such a fabulous time!!!
    TL x

    • Toni-Louise Forsyth

      Ohh.. it posted before I was ready. I wanted to say, the hotel and cocktails both looked devine!

    • Lisa

      Hi Toni-Louise,

      It sure was a dream trip to Melbourne – the cocktails were amazing – the hotel was stunning, and being in Melbourne was magical :)

      Thanking you so much for your amazing support and kind words!


  5. Suzanne Robertson

    Hi Lisa

    Wow! What a great trip to have won! I love Melbourne. I lived in Melbourne for 18 months a few years ago. I mainly love the trams, the culture, cafe’s, shopping and the pubs. St Kilda is great and so is Lygon St, Carlton (I used to live on that street, so I know it well!).

    • Lisa

      Hi Suzanne,

      Melbourne is my favorite city – but then again I havent yet been to WA!! We used to live in Sydney so we arent that keen on going back there :)

      But I so could easily live in Melbourne – there is so much to do, and amazing places to explore. How amazing that you used to live there!


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