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The Best Gingerbread House Ever

Posted by on December 13, 2013

We have the most amazing talented friend ever, and I feel guilty!! She made us The Best Gingerbread House Ever and yet I was not expecting it.

Actually I feel like I should be sending something in return but yet I still can’t figure out what could make up for such talent!! The details gone into the Gingerbread house is something I have never ever seen before….

Gingerbread House


 Incredible! Thanking you Nicky McDonough and family xxx

One side with the Anchor


DID You Know We Have A Youtube Channel?

We decided to record our boys reactions to looking at the Gingerbread House ::

YouTube Preview Image

We Have Many More Vlogs on Youtube, as we are starting to record more of our day to day lives.  We are actually going to start to focus more on videos because its easier then trying to fit in Blogging :)

Like this one…..Smelly Belly ::

YouTube Preview Image

Do You Like Gingerbread Houses For Christmas?

Thanking you For the Love.



New Life on the Road

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7 Responses to The Best Gingerbread House Ever

  1. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    What a cool Xmas tree you have! And you are a hilarious MC. Oh to have such a fun mum as you Lisa :)

  2. Mike

    Ya know Lisa, I always have “guilt” looking at gorgeous (yummy) gingerbread houses like Nicky made. Because I just want to break them apart and immediately start eating them. I know, I’m horrible. Loved the videos! How ironic because I was just looking at a couple of Phoenix and want to get them on my site too. I just need to learn how to downsize them….grrr…techy tard here. And like Emily said and I’ve shared before. Your boys are so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful parents! :)
    Mike recently posted..Knock, Knock…Who’s There? My House Is On Fire!

  3. Tat

    Wow what an amazing gift, it looks so intricate! I don’t know how you’re going to eat it… cutting up this beauty must be hard!
    Tat recently posted..Christmas family traditions: creating our own

    • Lisa

      it is so going to be very hard to cut into it!! I love the details and the way Nicky made it – its incredible :)

  4. Neets

    Now that’s a gingerbread house if ever I’ve seen one! What a lovely friend you have. I wonder how long it will last in your place :)

  5. Becc

    How do people get so talented? If I could make a gingerbread man like that I would be giving them out left right and centre!
    Becc recently posted..The Bitch is Back!

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