The Best Wedding Anniversary Ever

David is not the romantic type at all!! Have you all heard how he proposed to me? Well lets just say that he didn’t and I had to ask him to ask him to say it!!! Well sometimes he blows me away with what he manages to do without me knowing 🙂

The Best Wedding Anniversary Ever ::

It was our 19th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday. At 3.30pm 19 years ago I married my best friend, and our oldest son was part of the wedding ceremony. It was so good to look back on that day and share the memories with our boys.

Seen as how I was up in Sydney with our Oldest Son and he was okay with looking after our two younger boys for the evening David decided to drive up from Wollongong to Sydney to take me out for dinner.

Little did I know the surprise he had organized…..

I thought we were going out for a meal close by to our son’s place but we actually caught a Cab into the City, it was peak hour so we soon became stuck in traffic. David and I both decided instead of paying to sit there we would jump out and walk in search for somewhere to eat

It was only about 6.15pm by this time so David decides that we need to look at shop windows to see the different types of watches….which I thought was weird but in actual fact he was trying to waste time….

He had already booked a place to eat! He had booked it for a month in advance.

I still had no idea at this stage what was going on…..

We turned back to where we came from, which I thought was even more weird because I didn’t remember seeing any restaurants  or café in that area? To my very big surprise he directed me into Centrepoint Tower, to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary over looking the whole of Sydney.  {the centerpoint tower turns around while you are eating so that you can experience the WHOLE city!!!}

What do we see as soon as we sit down? Our Oldest Sons Melbourne Navy Ship docked, its still sitting there where we had stood on the Saturday to see him return. Spooky I know.

The Best Seat in the House


eating at Centrepoint Tower in Sydney


eating dinner while the sun goes down


sun going down over the harbour


its magical at night


After my drooling and wonderful surprise it was time to leave. David really wanted a Cider which I thought was weird cause he is not really that big into drinking so we decided to walk through the city streets towards Circular Quay in search of a Nice Pub for a drink or two….

looking for a pub


Yeah I still thought he was going to either drive home that night or stay at our sons place and drive back to work early the next morning! I still am so shocked that he was able to pull off such a good surprise…..

and I am still amazed that both of our older son’s knew about the booked dinner and night ahead and did not say one word! David’s boss even knew…..and yet everyone was able to keep quiet about the night!



While we were sitting in the Pub I started asking about what his plans were for the rest of the night. The Pub I thought we had accidently came across, but David had actually steered us towards this Pub as soon as we left Centrepoint Tower, sneaky or what?

David starts to smile.

I am like “What, what are you smiling about?”

And his smile gets bigger….and bigger.

I was like “What are you up to now”.

He puts down a key card on the table. And he points behind him and says “that’s for a room in that hotel over there”



I am like “What do you mean, what hotel”

Yeah I still had no idea, nor did I think to look at a hotel over the road.

My mouth hit the ground, I still can’t believe it.

He got me big time!!! And there is no photos to capture the moment – I was stunned and my face must have been a classic.

Gosh was I excited

Then I was like “But I don’t have any clothes with me for tonight or tomorrow”

And David smiles that very same smile again.

I was like “What, what are you up to now”

He then lets me know how much he had organized a month ago…..

From a Booking in the Centrepoint Tower for dinner

To a Night in a Hotel Room, over looking the Opeara House

Gorgeous Lobby


lovely hotel in Sydney


To Brand New Clothes From Ebay! Yep he had purchased swim wear, gym clothes, jeans, and tops….everything that I would need for staying in a hotel over night.

He had even driven up to our son’s place, parked the car around the corner, jumped onto a Train into the City. Booked into the Hotel and dropped off our Clothes, jumped back onto a train to pick me up from our sons place….all this without my knowledge.

And I thought he had left work a bit early – turns out he had left work at Lunch Time.

Gosh was I over the moon the whole night…stunned, surprised, excited, happy, blown away.

I kept asking him “How did you manage to keep this so very quiet? And who are you, where is hubby?” !!!!

He actually had thought it was our 20th year Wedding Anniversary….

well I am glad he organized all this for our 19th, it was The Best Wedding Anniversary Ever.

Can’t Wait to see what he Does Next year?

Mind you maybe I will be the one organizing and surprising him?

The Best Wedding Anniversary Ever

Yep I reckon it was. Thanking you David for kinda asking me to marry you all those years ago, here’s to many more amazing years ahead with creating many more amazing memories.

Do You Have A Hubby/Partner That Can Keep A Secret?



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8 thoughts on “The Best Wedding Anniversary Ever

  • March 23, 2014 at 2:28 am

    A belated very Happy Anniversary to you guys, Lisa. So happy for you and what an absolutely fantastic surprise. I think the “men don’t pay attention” thinking with many women is often a misnomer and incorrect. Granted, many are clueless but several others often get it much to their wives very pleasant surprise. High 5 to David…
    Mike recently posted..We Are Headed Off To New York City!

  • March 24, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    He is such a thoughtful husband Lisa. I don’t think my husband would dream of arranging everything like David. I laughed when I found out he thought it was your 20th. He has set the bar very high now. 🙂 Maybe next year he will say “No I did the 20th Anniversary thing last year! ”
    budget jan recently posted..Is Turkey a Budget Destination

  • March 25, 2014 at 9:23 pm

    Aww, happy anniversary, you two! That is seriously the sweetest thing ever, and I love that he went above and beyond to make it so special for you! A huge high five to your hubby, and here’s to the next 19!!!:-)
    Jess @UsedYorkCity recently posted..Lessons In Blogging From Garance Dore

  • March 26, 2014 at 4:02 am

    Well hello there!
    I had to come and visit. It may just be my computer but I cannot see the words to your post. Like there is no background against the background picture…just in the comment box.
    I hope it’s just my computer!!!

  • March 27, 2014 at 6:03 am

    What a gorgeous couple you are, totally loved your story and I felt like I was right with you seeing your surprise and delight. What a great celebration, he is a star, and I am so happy for you xx

    Sam did surprise me one time and we had a night at a beautiful hotel in Brisbane, he had booked dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Only problem was I was coming down with pneumonia and didn’t realize just struggled on as we wandered about, we had a super expensive meal but I couldn’t taste anything, oh and it was that time of the you know what….bonus!!!

    He never let me live it down, I got him back for his birthday booking to go whale watching and he was sea sick the entire trip…..cracked me up.

    Thanks so much for all your lovely hugs via the blog, I was having a very blue day and turns out my blood pressure is extremely low and so is my iron…..once that is sorted I’ll be back on track. sending love and thank you both for sharing your special day, loved the photos and again Congrats xxx

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