Tree Houses

About a week ago I shared our boys imagination with making an Army Bunker. Today I would like to show you all our Boys imagination with creating Tree Houses. Over the years all five of them have had a go at building one, dreaming of building one, or breaking one up to re-build it differently!

We normally spend Christmas with David’s Parents (in Bundaberg) which means LOTS of places to explore because they are on acreage, have cows and back onto a River. Now that all of our boys can swim I am more relaxed with how far they explore while we are there.

Yet there is one Place they all love to reconnect with.

Tree Houses

Have you seen those really big over the top Tree Houses that you can build? Now that would be cool to have one, and cool to say our boys went that far with imagination but we didnt stay there that long, nor did we have the materials laying around for them.

What they did do was search for any wood and old paint that was in Grandad’s Shed (not sure they asked if they could?) and set out to improve on what has was built many years ago. Incredible how crafty they are with their creations.

Here is the End Result ::


Creating Every Kids Dream :: Tree House

Creating Every Kids Dream :: Tree House

Nicholas decided that the Tree House needed to be upgraded!

Such a good project to expand on because they all need to use hammer, nails, saw (for cutting), paint, and their skills to make sure its strong enough to walk on! They gave it “New Life” this Christmas just gone, be interesting to see what would happen if they renovated every year!

Climbing up high.

Climbing up high.

The ladder was safer than the rope ladder!

Yet I was still too scared to get up there that high. I ended up using our ladder and climbing up as high as I could, zoomed in with my camera to take the photos! Goes to show you how much braver my boys are compared to me….makes me wonder what other things in life scare me?

From this side the tree looks like its part of the design

From this side the tree looks like its part of the design

This the other side of the tree ~

where the weeds grow in the garden beds faster than the plants!

Last time we stayed at David’s Parents place we all had weeded the garden beds. Now it looks like a jungle once more!

from the road you cant even see it.

from the road you cant even see it.

This is near the roadside, which is really only a dirt track.

From this point you can’t even really see the Tree House unless you knew it was there….

Did You Ever Have a Tree House?

Or Cubby House when you were younger?

Thanking you for following our journey.



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  • July 18, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    Tree houses are the best place where you can feel yourself peaceful and relax because it is a best opportunity to spend time with nature.


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