Watson Bay To Hill End

Yep we went from Watson Bay Sydney for our second sons navy graduation Wollongong New South Wales Thursday. Friday {Easter Friday} we packed up our Camper Van and drove LONG hours {crazy easter traffic} to Hill End for Four Days!

Instead of my long ended words and lots of pictures I thought I would share a Video with you all ::

We had so much fun all together, and exploring, staying at Glendora Camping Grounds.  It was a wonderful weekend creating memories before our second son heads to Perth Western Australia 😉

Have You Been To Watson Bay?

Or Hill End?

Can I please ask You all a huge favour ~ Can You All Jump on over to YouTube, subscribe to our Channel, give the Video {Vlog} a Thumbs up and comment on over at YouTube. It means a lot to us to hear from you all xxx

Its so very pretty….we sure do live in a Lucky Country.

So we drove from Watson Bay to Hill End, and then on the Monday we drove from Hill End to Watson Bay and then down to Wollongong NSW all in one day…..



New Life on the Road

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