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About New Life On The Road

Welcome To New Life On The Road. Here you can share our new adventure in life with the “Woody Family”. For those that are new, we are David and Lisa Wood. We have five boys and have decided that to bring our family closer we are hitting the road next year.

New Life On The Road Who We Are

A little bit of back ground information so you can see who we are!!! We are David and Lisa Wood and have been married for over 15 years. We have five amazing (loud) boys aged 16, 14, 11, 8, 5. For the last three years we have been on a journey looking for more out of  life. A better way of living. A better way of experiencing life. We knew that we wanted a lifestyle that gave us time, gave us more money and freedom to live the life of our dreams.

Along the way we have made many mistakes, lost lots of money, but at the same time gained back so much more….more than we ever thought possible. We have met some amazing friends, and formed so wonderful relationships with like-minded people.

With our learning curve we discovered what we wanted for our family. We want the lifestyle that allows us to spend more time with the boys, and allows the boys to grow as a loving family unit.

How New Life On The Road Came About

Both of us had been talking about seeing Australia with the boys before they left home, and followed their dreams. This year in January 2010 we sold our home. It was a new beginning. While on one hand it was sad to see the family home sold, it was also a happy occasion. It meant that we could move our life forward in the direction that we have dreaming about with our New Life On The Road.

Then life got in the way again :) So Lisa jumped the gun and decided to do some about achieving our goal….traveling in a bus around Australia.

In June Lisa jumped onto eBay and looked at a bus – placing a bid and then telling David afterwards. David was stunned, and then beyond amazed. He was then curious to see where the bus was located. Lisa never thought about that aspect. To read more about that story go here.

So David is fixing the bus up, and by Christmas this year we all hope to be on the road with New Life On The Road sharing the journey. This is a place where you can keep updated with how the “Woody Family” are all coping together, and to see all of our crazy fun times.


About Us Update!

I have been reading about our About Page and I thought it best I do an update!! I was wondering what would be the best way of doing this….should I create another page, or delete this page and start all over again, or just pop in more information…I have decided that this idea works!!! I am going to add More About Us on this page :)

Since we started this Blog Site in October 2010 so much has changed for our family….good things! Lets see if I can include as much information as possible!

  •  Our Oldest son has moved out of home, and is now in the Defence Force. He is so grown up – he is training and is loving every minute of it! If you are new, you might like to read about he has  New Beginning with his new career!

  • We are living in our Motorhome full-time! We moved up to Bundaberg at the beginning of February 2011 and stayed on a property to renovate the bus for about seven months. David has changed nearly everything in our bus…either replacing, rebuilding, changing or adding – he has given New Life to Rose Our Lifestyle Challenge Bus!

  • We moved from Bundaberg back down to the Sunshine Coast early September so that we could support our older son getting into the defence force…he got in sooner than we thought!

  • David returned to work, he needed a break from the Motorhome, from renovations, and needed to use his hands to build caravans once again!

  • New Life on the Road has continued to grow and has so many wonderful readers who we can connect with – Thank you so much!

  • We are heading down to Melbourne then to South Australia early next year – so wish it was sooner!

  • Our Story has been featured in Two Newspapers, we have been on two Radio Stations as a guest speaker, and we are doing product reviews. If you would like to read about what we have been doing, we now have a Press Page!

  • The Inside of the Motorhome looks gorgeous (thank you David!!), now we need the outside painted so that she looks as good on the outside as she does on the inside!

  • We are now writing guest blog posts for other blogs – and we are loving the great connections that we are finding!

  • We are homeschooling while we are travelling. If you would like to ask us any questions about Homeschoooling, then please ask below here!

  • We have more exciting news for New Life on the Road – to read more you need to sign up for our newsletter! (located to the right of this blog post)
David and our Boys

David With Our Five Boys

 The Last Photo of all of my boys together – so looking forward to having more photos when our son returns!

Our Kitchen


If You Believe You Will Succeed!

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you and your family.

Have you a story to share about chasing your dream/dream lifestyle? Share below with your comment!!


David and Lisa Wood

New Life On The Road.

75 Responses to About New Life On The Road

  1. Doug Beckers

    Looking forward to sharing your journey David and Lisa

    • Dave

      Hi Doug,
      Thank’s, We are looking forward to hitting the road and sharing our journey with you.

  2. Cherie Rasmussen

    Wow Dave and Lisa

    Looking forward to hearing your adventures with the life on the road. The growth, learning and bonding time will be fantastic.

    Memories of a life time for you and your children – priceless :)

    • Dave

      Hi Cherie,

      We are looking forward to sharing all our adventures with you.
      One of the major reasons for this trip is for the family bonding and to allow our boys to grow without all the peer pressure that is a part of life for most children these days:)

  3. Bahira Eisa

    I am so looking forward to reading all about u’re amazing life journey on the road.
    What a wonderful way to experience the true meaning of life, being one with nature as well as spending valuable time with loved ones, as well as creating the kind of memories everyone dreams of having…
    I hope some day, I could convince my husband 2 take a round the world trip to see different cultures, people & places and experience all the wonders of God’s creation…that is my ultimate dream.
    But in the meantime, I’m happy 2 read all about u’re future adventures!!!
    Wishing u peace and lots of good luck!

    • Dave

      Hi Bahira,
      We will be sharing our journey through posts, videos and photos.
      Travel realy gives a good perspective to the wonderfull world we live in. I am sure that you will one day turn your dreams of travel into your reality. In the mean time we are looking forward to sharing our adventures of life on the road with you.

  4. Colin Schedler

    Fantastic idea David & Lisa! Good luck with it all and we look forward to reading all about your new life on the road.

    Colin & Lizzy
    (Also Sunshine Coast :)

    • Dave

      Hi Colin,
      Thanks for your comment. We are looking forward to sharing our adventures with you as our journey continues.

  5. Hilary

    What a fabulous adventure and wonderful opportunity for you and your family.

    I look forward to sharing your new life on the road journey :)

  6. Shelley W

    Go David & Lisa!
    Good on you for creating this blog site so that we (along with many others) can follow you on your journey.
    Pleased to have a part in encouraging this great decision, It is the best life changing decision Geoff & I ever made.
    Your boys will wonder why other families don’t hang out together as much as you. Living in a bus is a great way to strengthen the family relationships.
    Much love and great wishes on your journeys.

    • Dave

      Hi Shelley,
      We are excited about sharing our journey with everyone. Without Geoffs and your help and advise it would have been a very different story to what it has been so far. We are greatfull for all the help and look forward to catching up on the road someware.
      David and Lisa

  7. Allen Sentance Fisherman

    I am excited for you all, as I know first hand just what an adventure it can be & you have the added bonus of doing it with your children. Both Sandra & I are now looking forward to your adventurous stories, while we live our own.

    Fisherman & NannyOne

  8. Sue McDonald

    This is going to be the adventure of a life time. Something that your children will never forget.

    Have a great time.

    Will follow you while we are in the US hopefully having a white Christmas.



    • Lisa

      Hello Sue,

      Wow a white Christmas sounds like heaven – enjoy. So looking forward to our New Life On the road having next christmas somewhere in Australia :)


  9. Richard Tulloch

    Thanks for your visit to my site, and sorry its name is rather like your Life on the Road. I don’t think too many will be confusing them, though. We get to travel a lot, but not with seven in a bus! That will be an extraordinary undertaking.

    Who gets to control the remote on the TV? How do you ever get computer time with 5 boys in the family? And as for homework….??

    Sounds great. I’ll follow your progress. Richard

    PS. Good idea to move a few of those 12 Apostles into Sydney Harbour. That Great Ocean Road was always too far away for me.

    • Lisa

      Hello Richard,

      Its great that there is another site with a name like ours!! Love the connection that way….With seven of us there is not much time for TV. I actually do not watch TV as I prefer to blog – we have about five blogs in total :)
      School work is a bit a juggling act at the moment.. we try to fit in schooling in the morning and then get out in the afternoons – or swap it so that we are out in the morning and school work in the afternoon.
      Be great to follow your story as well.

  10. Robyn Mortimer

    Thank you Lisa for your comment on my blogs, sorry Blogspots glitches seem to prevent any comments being published… maybe you haven’t struggled through the previous Ancestor blogs about my Grandfather, I do know a great deal about him and it does make fascinating reading (even if I do say so myself)..
    Now I’m going to read about your adventures… my daughter lives in Ecuador and a young family from Europe comprising parents and two young sons stayed with her and husband while exploring South America on bikes! I thought of you immediately…
    Take a look at my Ecuador series, Cuenca especially is a town I know you would love.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to comment,
    Regards, Robyn

  11. Liz

    This is so inspiring, hopefully you get everything you wanted out of your journey and more! One day I, too, hope to do something like this – drop everything and ride (or drive) into the sunset!
    Liz recently posted..Electrical Safety Considerations When Returning Home After a Fire

    • Lisa

      Thanks Liz for your comment, so recommend everyone follow their dreams :)


  12. Marc

    Great to see others heading out to see our wonderful country. We travelled Oz for about 12 years before settling down last year. If anyone is interested in reading the journal we wrote about it you can fins it on our website at
    Have a great adventure, we will keep an eye on this site to see how you go.

    • Lisa

      Hello Marc,

      WOW – 12 years !! What a fantastic way to live. How did you ever stop? I am keen to get going and not sure if I would stop!

      thanks for stopping on by here. Will check out your site.


  13. Anne @ double curtain rods

    Wow! What a great family you have. You all travel together, explore new things and places together and faces all the challenges and trials as one family. How I wish I can have your guts to start all over again in a new place. Good luck to your family adventures there in Australia!!! Godspeed!
    Anne @ double curtain rods recently posted..Double Curtain Rods

    • Lisa

      Hello Anne,

      Thanks for stopping by New Life on the road. We sure are looking forward to getting on the road :) Sure is a few challenges along the way but I am looking forward to seeing our family grow stronger. Thanks for your kind words, take care. Will be getting our curtains made asap so that our windows are not so see through!!


  14. Erick Burgees

    Travelling in Australia is relaxing. The roads are safe from crazy drivers, signage is abundant, there are numerous places for a toilet break and people are usually happy to point you in the right direction if you get lost. You will see grey nomads – retired people who have embraced the road as a lifestyle. Public transport is not perfect because the size of Australia means a car is required to get around efficiently. Especially going to out of the way places like the Grampians National Park in Victoria.

    • Lisa

      Hello Eric,

      We are looking forward to travelling and meeting so many wonderful people :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting – we wanted to travel before we retired and before we were too old to enjoy Australia! We also want to show our boys the real world!


  15. Pratyush Nalam

    Great family!! Saw your comment on my blog! Thank you so much!!
    So, would you like to help me on my mission?

    Pratyush Nalam recently posted..How Much Artificial Intelligence Is Too Much?

  16. Louise

    Hi, looking forward to hearing your stories. In July this year we did the same thing for 4 months in our territory and a camper trailer my hubby made. We have 4 sons that are aged btwn 7 and 3 and we had a wonderful time. We are going again. Have fun.

    • Lisa

      Hi Louise,

      Its amazing how many people are deciding to travel with younger families! How amazing – your sons will learn so much by travelling, and living on the road. I love how you are looking forward to travelling again!


  17. Jessica


    I can’t believe we haven’t crossed paths before, but I am so glad I have been introduced to your blog and family. I can’t wait to read more about your adventures. We will be joining you in traveling in an RV full time in September. We’ve been planning the trip for years and it is very exciting to be counting the time in months now.
    Jessica recently posted..Team Electronics~Why We Can’t Leave Home Without Them

    • Lisa

      Hi Jessica,

      Its such a small world :) So exciting that your travelling is about to begin! Looking forward to following your journey ;)


  18. Anne Hannan

    Hi Lisa, so lovely to connect with you and read your great stories. I travelled from Qld to Darwin with my 2 boys when they were in primary school. Lived on acreage in NT and got to experience home schooling and freedom… We are so grateful for all the wonderful people we met along the way and the amazing sights…. Enjoy!! <3

    • Lisa

      Hello Anne,

      Thanking you so much for the great connection! I would love to live in NT on acreage – what a blast your kids must have had. What ages where your boys when you got to experience the change in your life?


    • Anne Hannan

      Hi Lisa…Thanks for your reply.. My 2 boys were 13 & 14 when we lived on acreage and yes it was fantastic, they learnt how to drive and fish and be loud & run wild…We lived there for 12 months, travelling for 3 months and then to Karratha where they both started high school…

      • Lisa

        That sounds perfect Anne – they must have loved that year! thanking you for sharing your family journey/adventure.


  19. Anne Hannan

    Hi Lisa…wonderful to meet you and read your great stories. I had the wonderful opportunity of travelling with my boys, experiencing amazing sights and like minded people….Enjoy your journey..<3

  20. Kieu ~ GQ trippin

    Wow! Very inspiring. What a great opportunity to be traveling with your family full time. I think it’s great! All the best in 2012, enjoy it!
    Kieu ~ GQ trippin recently posted..RTW: G’s Packing List

    • Lisa

      Hi Kieu,

      It is so good to connect with you online! Its amazing how many families are travelling :)


  21. Madeleine

    hi lisa and dave,

    I`m Madeleine from germany. I find your blog, because I have to make a speach about THE AUSTRALIAN DREAM. So I want to tell my class your story!
    And I need a little bit help ;D

    So my question to you is: where have you been in the last three years?
    And how long did you stayed there?

    I want to make a picture of Australian with you stops, so everyone can quickly see where you have been!

    Thank you for your help
    best regrads for germany

    Keep on rocking!

  22. Wilma Hatcher

    Lisa, I live in the eastern part of the U.S. We have not been able to travel full-time but in 1980, did take a two month trip to the western U.S. We traveled with our three children in a 1976 Volkswagon camper. We loved every minute of the 10,000 mile trip. We are in our seventies now and have traveled the world, even if it was for a short period of time.

    Your blog is quite fun to read. Enjoy.

    • Lisa

      Hi Wilma,

      Thanking you for sharing your amazing journey travelling in a camper in your Volkswagon with your three children! That would have some amazing trip – would love to hear more!

      Thanking you for the great connection.


  23. Alan Higgins

    Good Day Lisa I was listening to ABC 702 Radio this morning and heard you being interviewed and when I got home Googled your blog . I was following the link where David flew to Canberra to pick up the bus and then could not pick up the thread from there can you send me a link or excerpt of David picking up the bus. My wife and I just celebrated our 60th & 65th Birthdays. Enjoying your blog. What home schooling program are you using? Regards Alan

  24. Gina - Our Global Adventure

    Great blog! I look forward to spending some more time reading about your beautiful family. I was referred here by Lisa from Renovating Italy :-) Happy travels, thanks for letting us tag along xx
    Gina – Our Global Adventure recently posted..Funding Your Escape

  25. Susan

    Hello and well done on this site. I wa happy to see it was Australian and laughed at the first picture I pulled up with the Believe sign, its the one piece we kept from our house when we left.
    Looking forward to reading more we are just starting our journey in a Toyota Coaster and we are in Busselton WA.
    Cheers and God bless
    Susan and Rob

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