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How family travel in Europe is evolving

Posted by on November 10, 2012

* This is a sponsored guest post from One Fine Stay!

The habits of a modern travelling family are forever changing, whether it is the preferred mode of travel or the types of destination visited. And whilst London has always remained popular for tourism, outlined are a few ways new services available can help visiting families find new ways to experience the city.

A Clever Restaurant Alternative

Services like Housebites offer an interesting alternative to takeaway food, by allowing a local chef to prepare, cook and deliver restaurant quality food to your door. Each chef services a small postcode catchment in London, with a set menu of items each day to order.

How Family Travel In Europe Is Evolving

Good Quality Food Delivered To Your Door!

Now That Is What I Called Good Customer Service ~

Especially while Travelling in Europe!

{Now that Is what I am Talkin about!}

When you have chosen your meal, you arrange a delivery time slot and your freshly cooked food will be delivered (sometimes by the chef, but often by courier) to the address of your choosing. When on vacation, this can be a nice alternative to sitting in a more formal restaurant. I know personally, that I enjoy a more relaxed, informal dining experience, rather than feeling forced to rush around town looking for somewhere to eat.

A quaint place to stay

For a family friendly place to stay, a new wave of ‘unhotels’ are popping up all over the city and reinventing how traditional visitors sleep in the city. London based firm “One Fine Stay” is leading the charge; a new luxury rentals business that allows visitors to rent stylish homes in desirable parts of town.

A Quaint Place To Stay

Giving You The Homely Feel!

A picture of Chalcot Road in London ~

{Oh Gosh Wood Would I love to stay in a Place that Looked so inviting }

The company works by allowing guests to book a stay in someone else’s home whilst they are out-of-town. The home is cleaned to a five-star hotel standard, with fresh linens, fluffy towels and high-end perks, such as toiletries from White Company and an iPhone to use during your stay loaded with tips on what to do in the area.

Families would therefore receive all of the amenities of a hotel, but with the added comfort and charm of a real home.

A nice way to zip around town

Providers like ZipCar are also a quirky way to approach car rentals. The membership club allows you to rent cars strategically parked across Central London by the hour, with basic models starting from just £5 ($8) per hour.

Simply register with the company and you will be provided with a membership card which allows access to the car pool. Simply make a booking for a specific car, and, if available you can walk up to the car and it will unlock automatically with your card or through the ZipCar mobile phone applications (iPhone and Android).

You don’t have to pay for gas or the congestion charge (which is a fee for driving in Central London), as all of this is prepaid for you


Great Way To Travel!

This collaborative carpooling system is ideal if you need a simple no fuss car usage for a couple of hours. Although there are some restrictions, such as having to return the car to the same parking space it was rented from, ZipCar is an innovative way to get around town.

Next time you look to plan a family trip, try to rethink how you approach each aspect of the trip. You might be surprised what you can come up with to add a few exciting twists to your stay. That is How Family Travel in Europe is evolving ~ and sure makes it easier to travel in style!

How Do You Like To Travel While In Europe?

 Would You Drive one of those Zip Cars?



** PLEASE Note ** How Family Travel In Europe is Evolving is a sponsored guest post

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4 Responses to How family travel in Europe is evolving

  1. Duncan

    Love the suggestions Lisa – I can vouch for Zipcar, and also zipvan for when i was moving house…

    Not tried the other two yet!
    Duncan recently posted..Staying Dry at the Barbican Rain Exhibition

  2. Peter Lee

    I think you are right ZipCar is pretty interesting way to travel in Europe. I must say this is the best way to experience the natural beauty of europe and excitement of crossing borders is just beyond words.

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