MovieWorld GoldCoast Theme Park

Yesterday we arose so early…far too early! And tried to hurry out the door to get Life on the Road happening! Gosh why do we never get any where on time? All of us were super excited to be heading to MovieWorld on the Goldcoast. Something that we have wanted to do for some time, but due to all the rain we have had over the last two weeks we waited for the sun to come out again.

MovieWorld Goldcoast Theme Park

We got there at 10.30am, to half a car park full of cars. Once we went through the gates we headed to the Stunt Car Show as have heard from so many other travellers how good it was. If you havent been before then I highly recommend that you make sure you visit the Hollywood Stunt Driver show first up – or at least the 1.50pm show as it was beyond anything we have seen before.

Enter The Entertainment World

The Entrance to where Entertainment Begins!

Movie World Gold Coast Theme Parks

Nicholas Kyle and Cameron ~

Super Keen to Get Inside!

Movie World Stunt Car Show

The cars. The noise. The smell of the burning tyres. The way they could weave in and out of each other and not crash – still not sure how three cars could spin around in such tight circles and NOT hit each other?  Also wonder how many tyres they go through….as they are doing the biggest burn outs I have ever seen with tyres spinning and creating so much smoke – incredible!


Stunt Car Show ~

Where the cars manage to move together!

After the show Zachery went on the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster Ride, we headed over to the Wild West Falls Adventure Ride but the line up was too long.  So we decided to watch the water log ride to see how wet everyone was (after the huge drop) and then waited in the shade. While we waited David walked to find us all Icy-Poles. It was a really warm day! Then we watched the Western Town Show Down.

Movieworld Kids Fun Zone

While the show was finishing we wondered over to see if we could grab something to eat. We looked at the entrance to Rick’s Cafe American dining but it was so busy…and our boys decided that they were not yet hungry. They all convinced us to head to the Kids Warner Brother Fun Zone.

Zachery realised that he was too old for those rides (and in truth so was Nicholas but he was too scared to go on the bigger rides!) so he headed over to the Green Lantern ride and then he came back to meet up with the family.

Movie World

Green Lantern ~

Zachery rode this twice and cant wait to go back!

While Cameron was riding the Road Runner Roller coaster, Kyle was riding the Sylvester’s Pounce n Bounce. Nicholas and David headed off to look for food.

Movie World GoldCoast

Kyle on the Pounce and Bounce Ride!

Then they were back.

Best Place To Eat While At MovieWorld

With the news that the best deal was the Ricks Cafe American All You Can Eat Buffet Dinner. We usually can’t eat out with our boys, but we sometimes let them on special occasions. We decided that the price of eating a meal there was just as cheap as eating from the Bakery, or even Tacos.

So we headed to the Fully Licensed Air conditioned Restaurant, to discover that you can pay for your meal. Receive a wrist band and go back as many times as you like between 11.00 to 3.00pm. Next time we will go there at 11.00 and that way our boys can eat fruit. Then go back later on for a meal, let that settle down and then return for dessert. It sure is value for money.

Movie World Gold Coast

Fruit Salad ~

All You Can Eat Buffet and I start with the most yummiest Fruit Salad!

movie world Theme park

Kyle eating Fish n Chips with Chicken ~

Yes he ate all of this and then Fruit Salad afterwards ~

Plus Two Biscuits!!

When we finished eating our main meal we headed outside. Zachery had already taken off to the Superman Escape, without a plan of where to meet us afterwards (he so needs his own phone!) The decision was made (by all of us) to head back to the Wild West Falls adventure Ride. We lined up, and was heading towards the beginning of the ride when Nicholas got cold feet. Crazy considering that he rode an even scarier ride before 🙂

Wild West Falls Adventure Ride

We let him decide what he wanted, and he was not keen on going on the ride at all. So we gave him all of our drink bottles, and bags. With the promise that he would take lots of photos and a video. I am not sure what the ride was going to be like, but I was keen to give it a try.

Movieworld Goldcoast theme park

Wild West Adventure Falls!

At first glance you can’t see how every one gets so wet. Then when you get onto the ride, and you go through tunnels that are pitched black, backwards, you soon see how! There was one bit where you go backwards and all of a sudden you go down a hill. It was the bit where I lost my tummy (thankful not for real!) and Cameron declared that he felt sick….he said his lunch felt like it was going to come back up.

As you near the end of the ride you come to a steep hill. At the bottom of the big climb I decided that I did not want to continue on the ride. Bad timing as there is no escape route – there is nowhere to get off, and there is nowhere to let anyone know that you have had enough! I was stuck…the more it climbed up, the more I wanted off.

Because what goes up, must come down.

Gee was I packing it….I kept saying “I want to get off now” David just laughed at me – there was nothing that could be done but to keep on going. Kyle and Cameron was sitting in front of us. I was concerned that they were too tiny for the bar in front of them (which was holding them into the ride) ~ of course that was my silly thoughts!

They screamed. I screamed. I closed my eyes. David screamed louder than me 🙂

It was over within seconds. We got wet….as you go down the ride you get splashed with so much water 🙂 Then we all laughed…it was the best feeling.

Kids Warner Bros Fun Zone

We still could not even get Nicholas on the ride. So we all headed back to the Kids WB fun Zone. Our boys all run off, every ride was then attacked by the New Life on the Road crew…..The Yosemite Sam Railroad, Sylvester and Tweety Cages, Speedy Gonzales Tijuana Taxis, Road Runner Rollercoaster, Looney Tunes Carousel, and Sylvester Pounce n Bounce.

Movieworld GoldCoast

The Yosemite Sam Railroad ~

Kyle and Cameron riding the train

In amongst all of these rides was the “All Star Parade” so we headed out to watch the characters that are famous to Movie World. From Scooby-Doo and the Gang to Bugs Bunny, Cat Women, Batman, The Joker, Duffy Duck, Sylvester, Tweety Bird, and so much more…it was so good to stand there and watch them go by as well as watch the big screen.

Movieworld Theme park

Tweety Bird and Duffy Duck ~

Main Street Parade

Harry Potter Store

We then decided to head to “Harry Potter” store. That was so cool…outside looked real. Inside was a mixture of items that could be brought, from jewellery to swords, to statues, witches brooms, crystals, and so much more. Our boys loved the store and looking at everything that was associated with Harry potter.

Movie World Theme Park

Harry Potter Store ~

Where there was a suitcase outside with our name on it!!

After the store we walked to Batwing Spaceshot. But no-one was keen to ride it. Even I wouldn’t get on it..nor would David 🙂

We stood in awe at the Green Lantern. Cant believe that Zachery rode it twice…nuts if you ask me. But then again he likes his thrill rides.

Lethal Weapon was the only ride that was not in operation as it was under regular maintenance work. I guess Zachery would have ridden it, but again our other boys wouldn’t!!

movieworld goldcoast

Movie World Stars ~

They sure looked like the real deal.

Making Sure We Had Seen All Of MovieWorld

After walking around and making sure we had seen everything there was to look at, we headed slowly back towards the Dodgem Cars area. Kyle was so stuck riding them…going around in circles and not being able to move forward – David ended up lining up and helping him on the next go. It was soon almost time to close up….so our boys ran for their life back to the Kids Fun Area.

Kids Fun Area Was The Best

There I got to Ride on the Looney Tunes Carousel. Mind you I got into trouble…adults are not allowed on the Characters (the rides has road runner, tweety bird and many other great characters) but I was told I could only ride the Slay!


Kyle Cameron and I Riding The Carousel!

We slowly walked towards the car park…the day was drawing to an end. Gosh we all had so much fun 🙂

Next time we go to Movieworld GoldCoast Theme Park we will do the shows, then the following time we will just do the rides. We highly recommend the seasonal passes so that you can go as many times as you like..taking time to see everything. There is also Movie Sessions that can be included when you have the time to really explore at your leisure.

Life on the Road

Movieworld Comes To New Life on the Road ~

Sunshades on our bus…now wouldnt it be so cool if our bus was painted with all of these characters!!!

Movie World GoldCoast Theme Park is “The Entertainment” – where you will be totally immersed in the Silver Screen for the day (as well as its history).

Location:-  Pacific Motorway, Oxenford, 4210


 There are many passes. We highly recommend the VIP passes so that you can visit MovieWorld, Wet n Wild and SeaWorld.

Local Vip passes $79.99. Gives you entry to all three parks (use the link above!)

Day Passes:- Adult $79.99 Child $49.99

Food:- There are many Vegetarian Choices (marked on the map) We highly recommend Ricks Cafe American All You Can Eat Buffet Dinner. We paid $20.00 per adult and $10.00 per Child….make sure you book in at 11.00 am and have morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea as you are allowed to visit as many times as you like!

Our Hi-Lights of the Day:-

Zachery – Green Lantern Ride

Nicholas – Hollywood Stunt Driver and The Food!

Cameron – Road Runner Rollercoaster

Kyle –  Dodgem Cars and the Hollywood Stunt Show

David – Really enjoyed the Hollywood Stunt Show and favorite Ride Wild West Falls Adventure Ride

Lisa – watching my boys having fun.

Have You Been To MovieWorld GoldCoast? What Was Your Favorite Ride?

Warner Bros. Movie World



New Life on the Road


MovieWorld GoldCoast Theme Park was courtesy of Village Roadshow Theme Parks. All thoughts and opinions are our own. We thank Warner Bros Movie World for our amazing fun-filled entertainment day!

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