Munching Monday Irish Stew

With the cold winter nights our boys are looking for food that gives them comfort. So last night David made Irish Stew with Lamb Chops, and I thought I would be game enough to try some!

Munching Monday Irish Stew

Munching Monday Irish Stew

David’s Lamb Irish Stew

 Ingredients ::

6 Lamb Chops

Seasoned flour {to coat the Lamb Chops}

1 Onion

3 Large Carrot

A Few Sticks of Celery

6 Small Potatoes {or 4 Large Potatoes}

1cup of FrozenPeas

Salt and Pepper {to taste}

Cooking the Irish Stew

Browning the Chops

Method ::

1. Seasoned the flour with Salt and Pepper.

2.  Put the Seasoned Flour in a Plastic Freezer Bag. Toss in the Chops to coat

3.  Heat a Large Saucepan,brown the Chops in Olive Oil

4.  Add the Onions and any remaining seasoned Flour and stir for a minute

5.  Add Potatoes, Carrots, and Celery

6. Add enough water to cover the ingredients

7.  Stir till mixed, making sure nothing is sticking to the bottom of the saucepan

8.  Simmer for about 20 minutes

9.  Add the Peas

10.  Simmer for another 5-10 minutes

11. Taste and add any seasoning or thickeners {corn flour}

12.  Serve warm. With or without Crusty Bread.

Munching Monday Irish Stew

We were going to have “Dumplings” on top of the Irish Stew but we didn’t have the Cream of Tartar. David makes our Dumplings from scratch, as well as our own Self-Raising Flour.

Which was a real bummer because we all wanted to have Dumplings last night!!!

Preparing the Veggies for the Irish Stew

Cutting up the Veggies

Simmer Irish Stew

Simmer the Stew with the added Peas

Simmer to soften the Peas!

Yummy Irish Stew

Serve with Crusty Buttered Bread

Have You Cooked Irish Stew?

What Recipe Would You Like to find here next Munching Monday?



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