Munching Monday Our Style Chicken Tacos

Last night David cooked “Our Style Chicken Tacos“. Because we can’t buy pre-packed food {due to preservatives/colours/additives} David makes the soft Taco Shells and we use Organic Chicken Mince with Salad ingredients.

Our Style Chicken Tacos ::

Our Style Chicken Tacos

Soft Tacos made by David

For the Soft Tacos we used this recipe – changing some of the ingredients to the products we like!!

 Ingredients ::

1 Cup of Self Raising Plain Flour {we use Healthy Baker Unbleached Flour from Woolworths}

1 Cup of Corn Flour {we use Gluten Free}

1/2 Teaspoon Sea Salt

4 eggs, beatem

2 Tablespoon Oil

1 1/2 Cups Water

Method ::

1. In a big mixing bowl add the Flour, ,Cornflour and salt

2. In a smaller mixing bowl combine beaten eggs, oil and water

3.  Pour the Egg/Water Mixture Slowly into the Flour/cornflour mixture. Stir slowly to prevent any lumps

4.  If you need you can add more water – The mixture needs to be very thin, almost like a crepe Batter

5.  Heat up a frying pan, with oil/oil spray

6.  Use a 1/4 Cup for the batter – Stiring each time you are using it because the corn flour will sink to the bottom of the bowl.

7.  Tilt the frying pan to make the Soft Tacos about 6 inches across (or how ever wide you would like your soft Tacos)

8.  Cook until lightly brown on both sides.

9.  Keep the Soft Tacos warm until ready to serve with the Chicken Mixture.

Munching Monday Soft Tacos

Yummy Home Made Tacos – Thanks to David

Chicken Tacos Mixture ::

Ingredients ::

1-2 Onions

Garlic, Salt, Pepper

500 gram Chicken Breast

Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese, Sliced Green Jalapenos (to your taste)

Taco Seasoning Packet

Olive Oil

Method ::

1. Brown the onion in the Olive Oil

2. Brown the Chicken. Add the Garlic, Salt n Pepper to taste

3.  Add the Taco Seasoning Packet {add water as per instructions}

4. Prepare the Lettuce {Sliced thinly}, Grate the Cheese and Slice the Tomatoes.

5. Serve on Top of one Soft Taco with Chicken and Salad ingredients.

6. Add Jalapenos to your taste!


How Do You Like Your Tacos – Soft Tacos or Hard Shells?

Have you Tried Our Style Chicken Tacos? If so let us know what you think!!!

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road.

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