Our Second Sons Navy Graduation

The very reason why we headed to Melbourne. Again.  Lucky for us we love Melbourne! We went for Our Second Sons Navy Graduation. Which by the way was in a totally different time of the year to our first son Navy Graduation {where it was so very hot so we melted!} – this time we all froze our little back sides off! But again it was worth it.

Our Second Sons Navy Graduation ::

Our second Sons Navy March Out Parade

The Beginning of The Parade

Addressing the audience

The Formal Speeches are part of the Graduation

Navy Base Melbourne

The Flags of Encouragement

Looking at the Ceremony Book

David with Cameron

 Looking At the Graduation Booklet

helicopter fly overs

A special Fly Over on the day

Formal March Out Parade

He Looked so serious – think he was trying hard to keep in time!

Standing at attention

So very Proud of our second son

Our second son navy parade

Standing Tall – third from the left

Throwing of the Hats

Happy Moment For them All

Was So Good To Watch Them All Throwing Up The Hats!

Very Proud Moment for Everyone

Kyle, Our second son, Cameron

Kyle was super happy to see his older Brother and so was Cameron

Three of our sons together

A rare Moment in time – Nicholas with his older brother and Kyle

Cuddle time

David and I are VERY proud of our son

Uncle David and Uncle Daniel

Your Two Uncles, My two brothers – Love you all guys xx

After the Ceremony there was Afternoon Tea. Where we got to spend a little bit of time with our second son before he had to rush off to his room – he had to have it cleaned up spotless before he was allowed to leave base for the weekend.

That Night we went out to dinner in St Kilda – for some reason I didn’t take photos of the place nor our meals, not sure why? It was a place that was recommended to us from one of our Facebook Readers – Thanking you, the restaurant was lovely and we had such a great family time.

Maybe because I wanted to spend time being in the moment instead of taking the time to see it through a lens?

But I did think to take a Few Pictures ::

Our second son out at dinner

Our Dinner Together With Family

Here is our second son, having a good time out to dinner, and enjoying a Pizza Dish! He missed not having access to his favorite foods. When I took this photo I looked at the Pictures in the camera and remarked how Sun Burnt he looked. Which was crazy considering that the day was cold, and then we all worked out that he wasn’t sun burnt – he was wind burnt! It was so very cold down there in Melbourne.

Kyle playing around

Kyle is drinking to his brothers graduation – NOT!!

He Actually Picked Up His Uncles Friends Beer ~

And Pretending To Toast His Big Brother…

Love how cheeky He Is

This Was Actually His Real Drink

See He Actually Had Lemonade As His Drink ~

No Need to freak out now 🙂

We actually stayed in Cabins where Zachery could spend time with his Family. And we got to tour attractions near by as well as Visit Melbourne Zoo with him on the Sunday before he had to be returned to base Sunday Night.

It was so good to see him, hug him and spend time with him….I had missed not having his help, not being able to hug him and not being able to spend time with him.

Can’t wait for the next few weeks to go fast because then he will be in Sydney for his 15 weeks of Job Training. Sure hope he will be based in Sydney for the next few years at least, so that two of our sons are based in the same location!

Our Second Sons Navy Graduation was just as special as our First Sons Navy Graduation – and it was so very good to see him. We almost had all of our family with us – our oldest is out on deployment for six months. It will be so good when he gets home ~ it will be a huge party then!

Here is a Video of our First Sons Navy Graduation – we forgot to film our second sons!!!


Thanking you for following our Journey.

Do You Have Any Questions About The Navy Graduation Day?

Or Have You Got Family In The Navy, Army, Air Force?

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