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Raw Food Cafe

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Posted by on March 8, 2012

On Saturday (last weekend) I was not in the mood for anything! Actually I so needed some “Vitamin Me” time so instead of doing something for the family (or with the Family) I got David to drop me off to a Raw Food Cafe while he took the boys shopping!

Raw Food Cafe

Raw Food Cafe

 Its Rawsome Cafe ~

Where the food is live!

We drive past there all of the time as its the back way from Nambour to Davids work, as well as we go past there on our way to shopping! Every time I say “Gosh I so want to try that place” and never do.

This time I made it possible.

It was funny when I got out of the car and all of the boys drove away. Its not something that I usually do because normally I take at least one of our boys with us :)

The lady behind Its Rawsome Cafe (as well as the owners) thought that all of us was coming to eat and was amazed Stunned that I was having time out by myself!

After looking at the menu and trying to decide what to have…there are so many wonderful choices…I decided to try the Califorian Burrito

Raw Food Cafe

 Califorian Burrito ~

Everything is home made ~ Even the toritilla!

Its Rawsome Cafe

 Califorian Burrito

I am so happy with what I chose to eat ~ Califorian Burrito:- Home Made live tortilla with seasonal vegetable filling, avocado, chiptle cheese with avocade lime sauce, red pepper sauce and sour cream!

Its Rawsome Cafe

 Coconut Water ~

So refreshing!

cafe Seating

 Its Rawsome Cafe Seating

Raw food cafe decor

 Its Rawsome Cafe Decor ~

Where I felt really like I was at Home!

Raw food ingredients for a cake

 Raw Food Cake ~

With ingredients to die for!

Raw food

 Its Rawsome Cafe

I was naughty and even ordered the most amazing raw food cake – it was so delicious! I can’t remember the name of the cake but I do remember that it had bananas and coffee in the ingredietns!

Would I Go Back To Raw Food Cafe?

Sure would – and the beauty of Its Rawsome Cafe is that all the ingredients are freshly made, vegetarian and natural. That means our whole family could eat there!

They also have Raw Cuisine Cooking Classes where you can book for 5 Class Series. David so would love to be able to join in on that! Actually I would love him to do the cooking classes as that way we can eat Raw Food a lot more!’

After my amazing meal I walked down to the petrol station and waited for Dave and our boys to pick me up – it was such a great way to end a perfect Raw Food Cafe experience!

Raw Food Cafe Experience

Walking along seeing the Bli Bli Castle ~

Perfect way to end a Raw Food Cafe Experience!


 522 Petrie Creek Road
  Australia 4560

Opening Hours


Its Rawsome Cafe on Facebook




Please note that Its Rawsome Cafe did not pay for me to write this. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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9 Responses to Raw Food Cafe

  1. Jackie Stenhouse

    yum, that burrito and cake looked so delicious. Glad you enjoyed your time out at the Raw Food Cafe.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Valentines Day Decorations

    • Lisa

      Hi Jackie,

      It was the best! Wish you were close by for coffee/chat/cake morning!!!


  2. jan

    That burrito looks awesome and the CAKE. Glad you enjoyed time out, and the decor on the walls (that is so YOU).
    jan recently posted..THE GOOD OLD DAYS – NO?

    • Lisa

      Hi Jan,

      The food was so yummy. The words on the wall was so me!! Thanking you for your kind words :)


  3. Brigid

    Wow, Lisa, this cafe looks so good!
    I didn’t even know there were any raw cafes in Australia – there definitely aren’t any near us. That Burrito looks so delicious though, that I’m kind of hoping we’ll be passing by Rosemount on our own travels in QLD later this year!
    Love it too that you found some beautiful wall-words there to make you feel that it was just like home. What a great discovery!!

    • Lisa

      Hi Brigid,

      There are a few Raw Food cafe around Australia – I have seen a few in Melbourne. There is also a few on the sunshine coast – near Coolum Beach is one, and in Yandina there is one. I would love to visit them all as we travel around Australia. The “Its Rawsome Cafe” sure is a nice one, and the food is amazing.


  4. Rita

    Now I just have to visit that Rawsome Food Cafe, the food looks so good and the fact that its raw is a BIG bonus I am only eirly into my journey into a raw food diet.
    Rita recently posted..The Importance of a Healthy Diet

    • Lisa

      Hi Rita,

      It was so very yummy – I would so easily go back there anytime. We eat mostly vegetarian but I like the sound of the raw food way of living. It sure taste good and makes one feel better!


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