Road Trip Home

On Good Friday I was on a Road Trip Home which was an adventure! If you have said to me that I was going to be driving home and that I would take from 8.30 in the morning until 10.30pm I would have laughed at you! But the universe works in very funny ways. Instead of me writing all of my adventure trying to get home I thought I would do a vlog instead 🙂

Road Trip Home

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Have You Had A Road Trip Adventure?

Driving Home With Road Trip HomeI have driven many times from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to Bundaberg and even up to Mackay but I have never ever been in this situation. I still can not believe that I was in that situation but I have learnt to trust the universe as it is providing for our family in many different ways in many different forms. So what was the lesson from my road trip home?

The Best Aspect Of My Road Trip Home

There was so many positives out of that trip – here is a few of what I have found from that day….

  • Be very careful for what you ask for – I kept saying I just wanted to get home but did I say how I wanted to get there?
  • I kept thinking about the trailer on the way home and reminding myself to stop at the trailer and not to drive past.
  • Luckily I did stop to look at the trailer because there was nothing flashing at me within the dashboard, nor was the water temperature rising!
  • The universe provided the opportunity to meet another wonderful Australian who has the same ideas with reading the same books, healing from within and a positive mindset.
  • I got to relax amongst the amazing Cooloola Rocks and Minerals contents within the shop. They have an amazing collection of Rocks and Minerals and you are able to purchase them online. They even have a bargain section where they sell a selection of rocks at amazing prices – select your next Rock and Mineral here.
  • David got to check out the trailer instead of me trying to explain the length and shape of the trailer!
  • After many phones back and forward with RACQ our car was picked up and taken to the holding depot for the night and then the following day was delivered to where we are living!
  • I was able to look around and realise how blessed my life is – I never have to travel to and from work every day. I forgot how much traffic is on the road in Brisbane on a working day and I am so happy that I do not have travel in that crazy traffic day in day out.
  • I was super happy to get home that night and see my boys were safe n sound in bed – even though the house was a huge mess….at least the mess was easy to clean and my gorgeous boys were safe!

Share Your Road Trip Home

Would love to hear about any of your Road Trip Home stories…if you would like to feature your story here at New Life On The Road with a link back to your blog/website can you let me know with a comment below? I will then get in touch with you and work out the details of having your Road Trip Home adventure story featured here!



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6 thoughts on “Road Trip Home

  • April 24, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    Hey Lisa…the road trip home is often alittle scary…and alittle longer than planned hehe. I have a couple of good stories I can put out for you if you like…let me know anyway. Cheers

    • April 25, 2011 at 5:48 pm

      Hello Jody,

      Would love to include one of your Road Trip Home Stories here at New Life on the Road. Will contact you via facebook with regards to our contact details and dates for the story to be in by etc….remember you will have a link back to your own site!!! We have a few regular followers that stop by here often and new visitors every day to New Life on the road 🙂


  • April 27, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    Hey Lisa,
    WOW What a road trip. You have a great positive outlook after a long day full of adventure. Now that’s the way to be positive!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, let’s keep in touch.

    • April 28, 2011 at 11:27 am

      Thanks Marisa,

      At the time I was not the happiest person in Australia!!! But now its funny 🙂 And a free competition is the outcome!!!
      Be great to see how your Road Trips go.


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