Small Motorhome Water Tanks

Now that our Motohrome is back David has been super busy trying to work on the issues that we have always had, and have always put up with! You know that saying “Never enough time when you have the money, and never enough money when you have the time” – yeah we have had lots of projects needed to be done on our Motorhome that the very Small Motorhome Water Tanks have always been pushed to the side and forgotten about!

The tanks have started leaking again – they leaked on/off over the years and he has repaired them that many times that its not worth fixing. He pulled the three tanks out – way to small for our sized family – and decided one of them is beyond repairing and has left the other two sitting in the grass underneath to see if the leak is now fixed.

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Spicy Chicken Wings With Blue Cheese Sauce

This recipe was the inspiration from Peach Keen Mumma with her very yummy Recipe – “Franks Red Hot American Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip” – OH my gosh I so wished I had tried it before!

Mind you I did change a few of the ingredients to suit what I already had in the fridge and purchased the rest from Woolworths…..

As we live and cook in our Motorhome I am challenged with finding new recipes that we all like, and that I can cook with such limited Space, we have a bench top oven but its not the best for heat!

Spicy Chicken With Blue Cheese Sauce ::

Ingredients ::

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10 Must Have Items When Living In A Motorhome

There are many things that I would love to have in our Motorhome….a bath tub, a normal toilet (is there such a thing as a Normal Toilet?), more bunk beds, new paint job on the outside, and hubby would love an oven.

But we live comfortably with what we have, and we have learnt to co-exist  in small tight spaces happily. When we look back on all that we have (I mean David has) changed in our Motorhome I came to realise that there are some things that we must have!

10 Must Have Items When Living In A Motorhome.

1. A secure Front Door. David put in a Caravan Door and Fly Screen so that we could lock up safely at night. Our old Bus Door was the original door and had no way of locking it up!

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Is History Repeating Itself

Is History Repeating Itself

This morning I was fast asleep when I should have been awake and driving Zachery to work. David got home from work and he offered to take him. I was that tired (after pulling some late nights working online) that I kindly accepted.

I still had to be up though as I needed to pick up Nicholas from Highschool at 8.00 am this morning.  S**T I went back into a deep sleep, and had a nightmare. Thank god I had the nightmare as it woke me up….to read on my phone that it was 8.10 in the morning! I quickly woke David (hate when I do that) and said “Did you pick up Nicholas as well as dropping off Zachery”

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The Pros and Cons of Living In A Motorhome

The Pros and Cons of Living In A Motorhome

Did you know that our Motorhome is perfect for our family! Well it would be if it had one more set of Bunk Beds, and a spa bath, and a bedroom door, and more water tanks! Gee the list could go on….

The Pros and Cons of Living in A Motorhome

I love that we don’t have our big old Queenslander anymore – it took up so much time trying to keep it clean, and it always needed so much work added to it!  We spent over $30,000 on renovating it, and it could have easily taken another $30,000 – plus a lot of hard work…sweat, tears, fights, and more to get the renovations finished!

David is really good at doing renovations and is really with ideas but not so good with time/money!

If we had the time we never had the money. If we had the money we never had the time 🙂

Yes I did buy a Motorhome from eBay and then had to tell hubby afterwards. But someone had to take the plunge in our family – David talked about travelling for so long, and I am a person who jumps in with both feet and then think about things afterwards. Sometimes that works other times I should have thought ahead a bit more!

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17 Reasons Why I Bought A Motorhome

17 Reasons Why I Bought A Motorhome

There are many reasons why I decided our family needed a New Life, and what better way than to get by living in a Motorhome. I have shared before that our family needed something different to happen as we were falling apart. We were all living and existing but we were not a family.

Our Family Are Not Your Average Family

Our boys are loud, they fight, they scream and they really are very boisterous. If they don’t get what they want, then watch out! They also let me know when they are upset with me…so yes I am not the Perfect Mum but then I have never ever said that I am.

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Living In A Motorhome Is Like Living In A Home

You might be wondering if you read the words right! There is nothing wrong with your eyes because its true. But at the same time is different.

Living In A Motor-home Advantages

  • Less Housework – Love living the simple lifestyle!
  • Limited Storage so everything has to be put away
  • Spend quality time and quantity time with each other
  • We can move house when we want to another view
  • We get to show our boys the real world
  • We have more experiences together
  • We get to sleep longer or at least some of our boys do!

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What Is It Like Living In A Motorhome When It Rains

Amazing how used we our to our New Life (style) and living in a Motorhome – that is on a fine day! Add rain to the equation of living in a Motorhome with four very active boys and its a different question altogether.

What Is It Like Living In A Motorhome When It Rains?

Yesterday it has rained and rained! It actually has not stopped raining so we have had a lot of inside play – and a lot of cubby houses being made:) Days like that and I so wished we had an Outdoor Room for our boys to escape to!

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