Walking The Streets of Redfern

After arriving in Sydney the other night, and closing my eyes while getting from the airport to where I am staying {I think I left my finger prints indent in the leather car seats} I thought I would walk to pick up a parcel from the post office, instead of driving. The GPS said it was an easy walk, but I didn’t look at the streets of where it was taking me and I ended up Walking The Streets of Redfern. The back streets of Redfern.

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The Best Surprise Ever

Sorry I have been very quiet on here! But I was very busy keeping a secret from my family. A few people knew my secret, and the weekend was a success and so much fun, I am so very grateful for my boys! My second son made my Delayed Mothers Day Gift – the best ever this year, with a trip from Brisbane to Sydney possible to attend my Oldest Woody Son’s Surprise 21st Birthday Party.

At first we both thought that we {David and I} would be missing out on our Oldest Son’s Surprise 21st Birthday Party and I was so very upset that I wasn’t going to be there for the big event. And I had tried many different ways to make it possible for us all to go but with Studying, David’s working and not having anyone to look after our younger two the best solution was for me to fly down for the weekend, and spend it with family.

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Australia National Maritime Museum

While Cameron, Kyle and I stayed in Sydney David joined us one Sunday – meeting us at Central Station where we then jumped onto the light rail to head to Darling Harbour, to the ANMM

We have a yearly pass to the Australia National Maritime Museum, which is such good value because we have been there many times, and plan to go a few more times before leaving New South Wales!

We have been before to see the Vikings Display – which Kyle remembers because he so wanted to buy a Viking Helmet!!!

We  make sure we go on Sundays by Train because its “Family Fun Day” – which means we can travel by Train, Buses or Fairy for $2.50….we usually do something in Sydney and then catch a train to Mainly.

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The other day I had to take a Train into Sydney to sort out my Marriage Certificate for our second son who needs a Passport. The navy keeps knocking back his Passport application due to my paperwork not being enough…mind you my older son has already been through all this and was accepted no worries, you would think that because I have given paperwork for one son that the other son would have no issues!!

After we went to Central we jumped back onto the train and headed into Circular Quay for Lunch…it was way past lunch time by then so both Kyle and I was keen to eat. As soon as we had finished eating we walked all over The Rocks before heading back to Circular Quay. Where we both stopped in our tracks to stand very still and watch Pepe Gaka at work. He was incredible….

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Mardi Gras Sydney 2014

Last Saturday I decided to be brave and drive to Sydney to go to my older sons place, even though it was raining here in Wollongong!! And took the boys to the Mardi Gras for the very first time.

So glad that I didn’t worry about the rain….cause it wasn’t raining for the Mardi Gras Sydney 2014 Parade…it only rained about 5 minutes while we walked to the train station.

And it was an event that I am glad I did not miss. Its now crossed off my bucket list.

Mardi Gras Sydney 2014 ::

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We Are Back And Forth

So very sorry that I have not been here for some time…..I am finding it hard to breath at the moment, and don’t have enough hours in the Day.

Actually I can’t remember what day it is unless I ask our boys how many more sleeps to Santa Claus is here. You see I am back and forth between Wollongong and Sydney. And I am trying to keep everything running smoothly before Family arrive tomorrow night yet I am not sure that I am doing the best Job I can.

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Meeting A Man Named Steven

On Friday night I was waiting for a train from Townhall to take me back to Wollongong. The train was meant to come at 9.25 but for some reason it was flashing on the screen that it would not arrive till 9.55pm. So I had a very long wait, considering I was there on the platform from 9.00pm.

Meeting A Man Named  Steven

While waiting for the train a guy next to me asked if I was waiting for the Illawarra train, and if I knew why it was late. I told him I had no idea!

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Train Into Sydney

Two Sundays ago we all got up very early and caught a Train into Sydney. We found out that the Trains, Buses and Sydney Ferries only cost $2.50 per person for the whole day….

Our Train Ride to Sydney ::

It was the first time our boys have ever been on a Train into Sydney, and it was a double Decker train – they couldn’t decide if they wanted to go up or go down the stairs. In the end it was so busy that we had to all sit on the lower level.

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My Reason Behind Wanting To Be In Sydney This Weekend

A little while back I was asking on our Facebook Fanpage what everyone thought about me going to Sydney for the weekend because my oldest is having a big weekend with my two brothers! I call it “Night Clubbing” but I stand corrected….its now called “Clubbing”.

My Reasons Behind Wanting To Be There

I actually got told by my older son that I was too old for “Clubbing”! Gee thanks mate 🙂

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