Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre

After we stayed at the free camping spot – which we will return to as soon as we can because it was amazing – “Yarramalong Weir Free Camping” we had a destination in mind – a place we have had on our bucket list for a very long time. And nothing was going to stop us along the way to reach Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre.

I have always wanted to visit a Hot Springs – I love water. Its good for the skin, the soul and the mind. And after trying to pick a Prickly Pear Fruit from the road side the water was so very soothing for the hands…Yeah Number one Tip of Traveling Australia ::

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New Baby Sister

Last Saturday we went into Vet Cross in Bundaberg to look at the sweet dogs from Red Collar Rescue Biggenden. ONLY to look mind you. Well one thing led to another and now we have a New Baby Sister.

Yeah I am the worlds biggest sucker ever. Okay yeah I think she is super cute and perfect for our family.

As soon as we arrived I was drawn to a sweet little girl called “Piper” and Kyle was like “Please Mum” – yeah totally not the dog we had in mind. We have always wanted another Jack Russell to replace “Jessy” that we used to have visit us {she was a neighbours dog}Well we ended up sitting there, and Piper Jumped into Kyle’s lap and both David and I looked at each other and just knew that she was the one.

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Where To Stay While Traveling Australia

On our travels over the years we have stayed in many different places, and many different styles of accommodations over the years. From Free Camping destinations – found with our Camp 7 Book, to sleeping near the beach in our Campervan, to pulling up in rest stops in our Motorhome, to sleeping in tents, to traveling with our Camper van and Camper trailer, to finding a hotel because David and Kyle were not well, to even staying at beautiful hotels/motels.

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Bargara Beach And Geocaching

On Wednesday’s we go into town to meet up with the Homeschooling group at the “Take The Plunge Cafe” – where we get to have fun working out how the Edison’s are supposed to move, and have a green tea with other homeschooling Mums – its my much needed down time.

We don’t do school work {most of us are unschoolers anyway} but because one of the sweet mama’s is a teacher {or should I say ex-teacher now that she has kids!} takes so many wonderful things for us and the kids to do. Last week she started teaching us Spanish with numbers which was such a cool thing to do.

Before we meet up I have about five hours to waste {we drop off David to work in the mornings} so we head to Bargara Beach for some Geocahing, and then head to the library before the cafe meet up.

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Bundaberg to Ban Ban Springs

We left Bundaberg on Monday morning – at half past {family joke} – and headed to Childers where we filed up with petrol. Then drove on through to Ban Ban Springs for Lunch. We didn’t have a set plan, but did know that we were hoping to look for a free camping night.

But we are very flexible with our plans, which is good because when you travel around Australia anything can happen.

Bundaberg to Ban Ban Springs ::

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Campervan Curtains

When we purchased our Campervan back down in Wollongong it came with some really rough thin curtains that had no backing, and was hand stitched. Actually I am surprised that they were able to hang up without falling down!

The sun would come in at the crack of dawn, and it would wake us all up way too early. I have been wanting to make new Campervan Curtains for so very long but seen as how I am not a sewer I kept on putting it off. Now its a matter of they have to be done.

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Weekend In Brisbane

On the Weekend I had to be in Brisbane for my Diploma of Remedial Massage. It was not a fun filled weekend, it was very full on without much time for David and I to relax and enjoy time together. Which was such a shame, but that’s life.

We stayed at the Mantra in Spring Hill – booking our hotel on Wotif because it was the cheapest hotel they had – but the lack of food choices nearby was so disappointing.

Mind you we did hit up the Eat Street Markets on the Saturday night for dinner, and that was such a good decision because they have so many amazing choices. With so much different food on offer it took me three times walking around and 30 minutes to decide what to eat – I get confused if there are too many choices!

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Bundaberg Lions Remembrance Park

I had time between appointments yesterday {was in town on Business} and thought I would try and find as many Geocaches as possible. Mind you I didn’t have my sweet boy with me so it wasn’t as much fun, and a few of the caches were set up for kids so I will have to go back with him another time!

There was one Cache that I was keen to find because it was at the Bundaberg Lions Remembrance Park 

Bundaberg Lions Remembrance Park


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Geocache Finds In Bundaberg

We are addicted to Geocaching big time! Well Kyle and I are – David and Cameron don’t seem to have the patience for the search of the different type of caches, which is a shame cause its so much fun. And its a great way to see more of Australia.

We are driving down roads we wouldn’t know about, and seeing buildings we wouldn’t know were there!

Its a perfect way to see Australia, and to see the surrounding Bundaberg area. And there is a rush that I can’t explain with Geocache Finds in Bundaberg – some of the caches are so small you have to really think outside the box, others are large containers and Kyle loves finding those the most because there are so many trinkets inside to swap with!

The smaller ones are called “Nano” caches – they are so small you will be amazed they can fit any paper into them!

We have shared How We Geocache With our Boys, hope that gives the inspiration to get out there looking in your own area 🙂

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