Police Open Day Oakflats

It was Police Open Day in Oakflats – actually we didn’t realise that it was Open Day until we were driving past the Police Stati on, on our way to drop Nicholas off to the Yacht Club for the day

Oh I did hear it about on the Radio Station 96.5 Wave FM but I had kinda forgotten about it. Luckily we decided to stop in for a short bit before we went Bush Walking.

With the count down on until we leave the Wollongong area, we are trying to fit as much as possible in to every weekend. Mind you we have been to lots of places in the Wollongong and surrounding areas while we have been here.

Police Open Day Oakflats ::

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All You Need For The Perfect Caravan Getaway

The best thing about a caravan holiday is that you really don’t need anything else to have a good time. You are literally dragging your accommodation, food and clothing along with you. The only other thing that is required is for you to head in a direction of your choice and stop when you feel like it. Whether you are a grey nomad on a retirement adventure or a young couple who wants to explore parts of the country not found in the guide books, a caravan trip is the ideal way to make your own memories.

Of course there are always a few additions and precautions to take in order to turn your great holiday into the perfect caravan getaway. Here are a few handy things to consider before you and your van hit the highway.

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Vegetarian Chilli Beans

Our favorite dishes are ones that I tend to make cause they are easy, they taste good and I am one of those cooks who are not game enough to find new recipes all of the time so I cook with what I know!

We don’t have an oven in our Bedford Motorhome so we cook mostly on the Stove Top.

Vegetarian Chilli Beans ::

I love to make Chicken Soup for The Soul – especially when its cold or when we all need a immunity booster….and my all time other favorite dish is Vegetarian Chilli Beans!

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Cowra Japanese Gardens

On our way out of town {after our Free Camping Weekend} we stopped in to the Cowra Japaense Gardens. Where I had a chance to de-stress, a mini-melt down {broken heart} from events over the weekend, and was able to soak up the peaceful gardens.

Not going into to much detail to protect my family but lets just say the weekend did not go to plan – it was meant to be a weekend of fun times but with so many men in one family, so many tempers and so many hormones it was bound to be explosive. Guess I had my hopes up too high – and I was surely in for a disappointment.

All I can say is that I was broken a little bit that weekend, and I am not sure that I will be the same.

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Free Camping Weekend

We love a Free Camping Weekend….actually I think I love it more than my boys because it means no electricity, no interruptions, lots of free time together and to reconnect with the inner clock. No electricity means sleeping when the sun goes down and getting up with the sun come up. And bringing our son home was a great surprise.

Free Camping Weekend ::

This time we had access to a 60 acre farm, where at the moment its a block of land with cows and a shed. The house pad has been marked out but its just waiting to be built. There was a generator for the little shed, to provide lights at night time. And there was a very small tank next to the shed but no electricity, no toilets {yes we had to dig a hole and use our own toilet paper – there was one potta loo on the place for the weekend}

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Wollongong To Cowra

On Saturday we had to be on a Farm outside of Cowra, and I so wanted to be there before lunch time…..but Kids, Hubby and Travelling -Stopping too many times along the way we made it by 1.30ish!

Wollongong To Cowra ::

David used our Camp 6 Book to plan our Trip {we have Camp 7 But Still Prefer the smaller size of the Camp 6 Book} and we set off about  7.00am, only an hour after we had planned to leave. Yeah our Plans need to be flexible when we have kids!

We drove through Robertson, then onto Goulburn, stopping at Yass and then heading up to Cowra….we were staying on a farm 30 minutes out of Cowra.

Wollongong to


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Bringing Him Home

With our Second Son being over in Perth, all by himself, I wanted to bring him home for David’s Birthday Surprise…..So for weeks on end there was numerous phone calls, emails, texts and secret planning. Its the very first time that I have had to keep something so very quiet for so very long, and the very first time I have had to make up stories of what our second son was going to do over the long weekend!

He nearly didn’t even make it cause he was almost not able to get time off over the four days.

Bringing Him Home ::

I booked his flight through Flight Centre {huge issues with that but that’s for another story!!} and he arrived in Sydney Friday afternoon. Our oldest Woody Son picked him up from the Airport and took him straight out to the farm. Where we were heading to on the Saturday, to meet our oldest son Girlfriend Family.

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Happy Birthday David

Today is your Birthday, which seems really weird because I am actually sitting here writing this blog post for you yesterday {which is today at this very minute!!!}

Confused yet? Yeah me too….

But you see I can’t actually write this on your Birthday because we are going to be in a car on the road travelling for about 4 hours before we reach our destination. And our destination has no power, no phone service, no running water and is something I am so looking forward to.

Weird way to spend your Birthday…

But anyway Happy Birthday David!

Why Will Be Offline?

Well its simple really….David, being who he is, will do anything for his family. And that means travelling half the morning to be with his oldest son and to meet his oldest son Girlfriend Family…whose Dad also happens to have a Birthday in the same Month {and whose party we are going to} then that is what he will do.

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Bedford Motorhome Seatbelts

I have been asked a few times about our seating arrangement and our seatbelts. And I normally reply by email to each question {s} so I thought that I would blog about it so that we could share, with our readers, what we have inside our Bedford Comair Motorhome.

But PLEASE you must get your seat belts and your seats approved by Professional engineers and those in the know regards the law – so that your seat belts will be approved for registration, as well as safety reasons.

Bedford Motorhome Seatbelts ::

We have seven seat belts in our Bedford Motorhome {drivers seat has one} and each Seat Belt is bolted into the Frame Work underneath our Motorhome lounges. We have had each seat belt looked at and has been approved as being safe. The seat belts were bought from repco, and the Seats were made by David {he used the Department of Queensland Motor Registry for the Specific Requirements of how to make the frame work strong enough}

We put together a Video of David building the Lounges to see how strong they are!

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Quirky Cow Teas

We love eating as healthy as possible and we love organic products! We came across “Quirky Cow Gifts:” Store in Kiama awhile ago. And now I will drive down there just for their Quirky Cow Teas – Herbal teas for every needs. Actually I don’t have any photos of the inside of the store, nor any photos of the outside of the store. Which means that I must drive down there soon to fix that issue. But I do have pics of my favorite teas.

Please don’t ask me to chose a favorite tea..they are all my favorites! But these are a few that I do buy on a regular basis….

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