Boston Shipwreck Memorial Basspoint

-Basspoint NSW
Boston Shipwreck Memorial

 Our older son stayed with us a couple of weeks back {trying to think when but time has gone by far too fast to recall the exact dates!!} and I was keen to show him the “Boston Shipwreck Memorial at Basspoint Reserve” {New South Wales}

Cameron, Kyle and I have seen it before…..but I was keen to share the Memorial with our Navy Son.

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Australia Working Visa Book Review and Giveaway

This was meant to go live like ages ago…but life happens! Actually Kids happen – one returns from Seven Months Deployment and then becomes so very sick! And then there is there our other sons – life just seems to be really crazily busy  at the moment and I trying to get back on top of everything. And gee…the emails keep rolling on in!

Australia Working Visa Book

I was asked to read “How To Get Your 2nd Year WHV in Australia” book {By Harvie Kalazaki} and give a review. Glad to because I have always wondered how one could travel around Australia, backpacking and working from place to place.

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Skwirk Review And Giveaway

Seen as how we are homeschooling two of our five sons we were thrilled to be asked to Review Skwirk Online Education {and Give you a chance to win a membership!!}

We have used Skwirk before with Zachery, Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle….a few years back. You can read about that experience within our”Skwirk Review” post.

Now we are more “Natural Learners” or “Unschoolers” I like to let Cameron and Kyle learn by what they are interested in – what they are passionate about….. that way they are actually learning instead of being forced feed information that they can’t remember.

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Since He Was Home

Gosh I miss you all, I miss my blogging, I miss my time to get online and answer all of your amazing comments on our last blog post about the rain! We are fine by the way, the rain stopped and the creek bed went down. Mind you we have learnt our lesson and we now make sure we have full batteries and are able to move if and when needed!

Since He Was Home ::

As many of you all know we waited seven long months for our older Woody Son to return from out at Sea. Since he has been home he has been so sick. First it was an ear infection that took hold of him, and it lasted almost a week. He had a few days break and was feeling good….then crushed and burned bigger time.

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Crap We Cant Move And The Rain Is Here

When we moved into the Caravan Park that we are currently staying in, we were told about the Floods that can happen, and were told we had to make sure we could move at all times…..

Crap We Cant Move!

And the Rain Is Here!

Yep that was us Monday night, the rain came down so heavy and so fast – actually I was talking to a friend via Facebook PM about how Sydney was having more rain then us and that we were OKAY when out of no where the rain came down like someone had turned on the fire hose full boil. You see we have a Rain gauge outside our Motorhome that lets us know that the Caravan Park can easily reach 2 metres when it floods. Back in 2011 the whole place went under and most of the permanent vans were destroyed and had to be rebuilt on the inside.

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The Best Wedding Anniversary Ever

David is not the romantic type at all!! Have you all heard how he proposed to me? Well lets just say that he didn’t and I had to ask him to ask him to say it!!! Well sometimes he blows me away with what he manages to do without me knowing :)

The Best Wedding Anniversary Ever ::

It was our 19th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday. At 3.30pm 19 years ago I married my best friend, and our oldest son was part of the wedding ceremony. It was so good to look back on that day and share the memories with our boys.

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Chicken Ginger Soup For The Soul

The other day I decided to make a Chicken Ginger Soup for the Soul for a family member who has been sick and is really run down. The Chicken Ginger Garlic Vegetable Soup is for everyone….its a great Detox for the body, great for cold nights, great for a pick-me-up-when-I-am-down-and-need-more-energy, great for chest infections, head colds, sore throats, sore ears…. Its basically a soup that you can eat when you need to give more back to your body.

And it was perfect  timing because as soon a I had made the Soup our Older son came down with a sore throat, glands up and a left ear infection. I was expecting him to get sick because he had been pushing himself too hard on the return trip home from his Deployment….they had cut his section down by half the team members but had expected the work load to stay the same!!!

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We Waited Seven Months For This Day

 Yesterday was the best day of my life. We waited seven months! For the day that Melbourne was coming back to Sydney, saying Goodbye so long ago was hard now I couldn’t wait to say hello. I was actually very nervous about his return because we hadn’t seen him for so very long. And I was wondering what he would be like, and how our family would be…silly me cause of course it was all fine!

We Waited Seven Months For This Day ::

Seven LONG months for the ship to come back into the very spot that it left.

And it was the most incredible experience ever…..

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Mardi Gras Sydney 2014

Last Saturday I decided to be brave and drive to Sydney to go to my older sons place, even though it was raining here in Wollongong!! And took the boys to the Mardi Gras for the very first time.

So glad that I didn’t worry about the rain….cause it wasn’t raining for the Mardi Gras Sydney 2014 Parade…it only rained about 5 minutes while we walked to the train station.

And it was an event that I am glad I did not miss. Its now crossed off my bucket list.

Mardi Gras Sydney 2014 ::

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How to Travel Stress Free

As an experienced traveller, I can say with absolutely certainty that at times, travel can be stressful. For most of us, travel = holidays and holidays = fun! Right? Wrong! There are so many different ways to travel and some of those are just plain work! My first international trip was to South East Asia when I was 21 was my best mate and we backpacked. While it was a magnificent journey, it was like a full-time job. So how do you avoid all of that and simply have a relaxed, enjoyable and stress-free holiday?

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