Speed Kills Please Slow Down

We went for a walk a few weekends ago to a spot not far from our Motorhome, “Bass Point Reserve” – it holds a special place in our heart because of our navy sons and the navy ship that has a memorial set up there on the headland.

On the way home we stopped and I got out to pay our respects to a young girl who was taken far too soon. She was driving in Shellharbour when she lost control of her car and later died in hospital.

You see I don’t know her personally but I do know that she went to the same high school as my third son.

I don’t know her by name, but I do know that she was a daughter, very loved member of the high school and very much loved by her friends. She was a member of a family.

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Darkes Forest Riding Ranch

When I was growing up I loved Horses..was mad about them. Its all I ever talked about, dreamed about and wanted – there wasn’t a time when I wasn’t thinking about horses.

I remember one year that I wanted a “Pony” for Christmas, I think that I was about 10 or 11 at the time?.  We didn’t have any where that I could keep a Pony but that didn’t stop my dream. That year at Xmas I was given “My Little Pony” toys- it was the worst Xmas present ever.  At the time I was so very upset with my parents but looking back on life its all they could afford so I really should have been grateful…funny how “Grateful” I can now “See” I should have been, guess being a kid we take family for granted.

When I was 18 I purchased my own horse, and found a paddock to keep him in. It was the most amazing gift ever, and I loved him with all of my heart. Every weekend I was riding him, every afternoon after work I would ride him. Until I had to gift him to another horse lover because I was getting ready to have my first son and I didn’t think it was fair to have a Horse and no time for him.

A few years passed and I visited where he lived – he was doing fine, and the new owner was really kind to him. Sure missed him but I knew he was in good hands….he would now be gone because he was about 15-16 years of age when I owned him, but I still think of him all the time.

Darkes Forest Riding Ranch ::

While I was a teenager I used to “hitch” a ride with a family friend who owned a horse down at Darkes Forest Riding Ranch. He had his own horse, while I rode the horses that were there – sometimes I would ride for at least 2 hours, or even ride in the Round Yard. I am not sure how much money my parents spent there but gee I am so grateful for all those wonderful weekends.  Not sure I ever send “thank you” to my parents, gosh I must have been such an ungrateful child.

And now I was able to return with two of  my sons and show them a place that held many fond memories….It was such a special day, one I am glad that I made myself do.

Cameron was on “Gary” – his very first time ever riding a horse.

Horse riding at Darkes Forsest Riding Ranch


You see it was a day organised through a homeschooling group down here in the Wollongong area. And I came so close to pulling out because I was so very scared to ride again.

Horse riding at Darkes Forest


Kyle first time horse riding by himself! He got to ride “Rocky” – a name that is suitable to his nature!!

Horse Riding


Kyle ready to ride


Which is so very silly but my back is not as strong as it used to be {Too many heavy babies have been in my belly!!!} and I was embarrassed to think about how I was going to get on a horse. Silly me, nothing to worry about.

Memories ::

The memories of the place lived up to what is there. Darkes Forest Riding Ranch is exactly what I remembered, and yet you can see the new additions – more paddocks, more agistment available, Kiosk, bigger horse sheds. And still has such friendly staff. sure if it has the same owners as when I used to go there?

We went on a 1 hour trail ride – it went far too fast….and I can’t wait to get my “horse Fix” again.

It was the best day ever.

Ready To Ride ::

Trail Ride


Trial Riding


On the Trail Ride




Kyle was at the front of the trail ride so I couldn’t actually get any photos of him….so like Kyle! He always walks at the front of our bush/beach walks, and he got a horse that liked to be at the front of the pack.

Finished our trail ride


This was the end of the trail ride! And it went far too fast!!. We were able to “Trot” for a bit, but didn’t get a chance to canter. I remember when I went there as a teenager that there was a section of the trail where the horses/riders got to split from the group – and the ones that wanted to canter could go with a leader along another path, and the ones who wanted to keep walking/trotting went along the shorter path way back. Not sure if they still do that?

beautiful horse called dolly


I was super excited when I got told that I would be riding a “Clydesdale Horse” because when I was about 18 I visited England for two months and I got to see a “Clydesdale Farm” – they have the biggest horses in England…most of them where over 22 hands high and built so very strong for the cold harsh winters. And something about a Clydesdale touched my heart – they are so very gentle and so very generous in nature.

“Dolly” – this gorgeous horse was a wonderful sweet ride. She was so very gentle, so very kind to let me ride her. I haven’t ridden a horse since I sold mine so I wasn’t sure how I would go…actually I was also very scared because being a “Mum” means that I don’t want any situations where I could be hurt – I don’t have the time to look after my boys with broken bones!

But I didn’t let the fear stop me – between my boys and David {hubby} I faced my fears head on. And I am so glad that I did! Now I want to go for another Horse Ride on a Trail – or even better still I want to own a Horse again!

Horse Bin


Horses ready for riding


Family run business


Lots of paddocks


House at the property


While I was there this house was in the stages of being built..now its finished and looks like its part of the property and has the “lived” in look, as if it has always been there!

Gorgeous views


It was so very special to return to a Place I used to visit so very often. It was so very nice to get over my fears and be back on a Horse….when we got home we all looked on line at Horses for Sale, and I even started to check out “Jobs” where I could work with horses. Thanking you Pip {homeschooler} for organising the day. Thank you “Darkes Forest Riding Ranch” for giving my boys a childhood dream come true.

Now I want to own a horse again.

Now I can’t wait to return and ride again.

Now I am looking at more Horse Riding Ranches in the area to go horse riding again!

Have You Been Horse Riding Lately?



New Life on the Road.

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Bass Point Reserve

After laying low for two weeks with the headcold/virus {which I would never ever wish on our worse enemies!!} we are now back to normal.  And we spent two hours exploring more of Wollongong yesterday.

We have been to Bass Point Reserve twice so far but haven’t been able to walk as much as we wanted due to the weather.

We love seeing the Boston Shipwreck Memorial at Basspoint Reserve, have been there to show our oldest son who is in the navy!

Yesterday was perfect, the sun was out and the wind was not as strong as what it has been! We all enjoyed getting out of the motorhome, and all enjoyed the feeling of wondering.

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Our Favorite Place Ever

We love the beach! Its our one place that we all go to for fun, relaxation and for our youngest two a place to run off some energy! With our week of not going anywhere, and a week of trying to shake a cough I decided to head to the beach with the younger two last Thursday. While we were gone from the Motorhome I was able to put on our Ozone Generator to help clear out the bugs, the smell of onion {yep it was so smelly inside!} and to give us some much needed fresh air.

Its too cold for the water at the moment so we sat on the sand, and soaked up for the afternoon.

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Healing Naturally

Guess what I said the other day? I said the words that came back and bit me on the bum big time! I said that “I never ever get sick” to a family member….within a week we were all sick. Yeah Murphy’s Laws came knocking, and it is still hanging around. I then said “And if we do get sick we know what to do to make it better”

Healing Naturally ::

Guess we all needed a week of slowing down, resting and healing Naturally and this past week is what we have done. It started with our 15 year old who came down with it and then he was “Kind enough to share it” – Yeah he coughed over everything in the Motorhome until then Cameron and Kyle came down with it, followed by me. It started off with a headache, then achy bones, sore throats, coughs and temperatures…..yeah it was a very strong virus.

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La Perouse

This past week we were in Sydney again, staying with our oldest son. Who is on the mend slowly {back pain and back issues are a tricky business, and his recovery is very slow}

While in Sydney ::

On the Monday night I took advantage of the fact that we had access to a oven! And cooked our boys favorite meal – Chicken Lasagna. Actually I would want an oven just for that meal!!

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In Sydney For The Week

We have been up in Sydney for the week. Its been a very long week but we would gladly do it all over again if need be. Our oldest son hurt his back in a Footy Tackle that went wrong, but didn’t actually show up his full injury until he was back at work. Its kinda of a good thing but not {if that makes sense?}

In Sydney For The Week ::

You see with being in Sydney we could help our older son as well as say goodbye to our second son! But more of that later….here is a few {too many} pics of our week in Sydney ::

Making Cupcakes on Tuesday ::

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Flying A Kite

The other day we had a homeschooling meet up where both boys got to make their own Kites. Learning about the best way to make a kite so that it can fly up high, with instructions given in an easy manner to understand by the Future World Teachers!

Along with the shape of the kite they had to work out the measurements, the angles, cutting and decorating….they both had to make sure that they had enough tail for the kite to stay up in the air. Luckily the day was really windy so it was perfect for it.

Flying A Kite ::

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Time Flys

Funny thing abut “Time” – you can’t freeze it, you can’t turn back time and you sure can’t buy it. I am not sure what is going on but I have been on a huge personal inner journey in the last few weeks…..and I have been doing a lot of soul searching {and a lot of healing along with a lot of crying}

You see I wished my life choices was different in certain areas of my life but I can’t turn back the time to make my life different. So I have been trying to take on board that statement

“If You Can’t Change The Situation, Change The Way You Think About It”

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Hypnotikadiet Weight And Mind

I am the biggest Juice/Smoothie junky out there! I would live on them if I could….and I love the gym. Yet it doesn’t seem to do much for my weight or the mind. So when I was asked to look at Hypnotikadiet Weight And Mind program I was curious, and excited to see what it was all about.

We use Hypnosis for our sons when they are not able to sleep at night time, and play different tracks for different needs for all of us – David has a huge library of Hypnosis downloaded onto our computer as well as on his phone. He gets them for a great price through a website, buying so many at once makes them way cheaper.

Yet I have never thought to use one for the Weight and Mind!

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