Eat Street Market Brisbane

On the Weekend I had to be in Brisbane for the Saturday and Sunday…I thought about staying somewhere/anywhere with my campervan but I couldn’t find somewhere close enough to Brisbane so I booked a hotel room for the one night. And yeah funny enough I didn’t take any photos of that hotel room but hey never mind…its the weekend that was important.

I was down there for Personal Reasons {something I will share later at the end of this year} and connected with the most amazing people – the weekend was actually really good because I could meet people with my name and not with my website name {they still don’t know that I blog} See I am a really shy person by nature so I don’t tell people that I am blogging unless they already know about it!

And it was a weekend of connecting with people in life, it was so soul satisfying.

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Gympie Over night Rest Stop

After we left Hervey Bay, and spent one magical day at Rainbow Beach we bundled up our boys {eating dinner along the way} to stay that night at Gympie Over Night Rest Stop.

It was dark and late when we got there, and that’s not the best way to set up Camp…Because its a bit harder to see a flat spot, and the best spot to park closer to the toilet blocks, but not too close to the road.

Well we got the closer to the toilet blocks right, and it was sorta a flat spot…but I didn’t think about what could fall out of trees above us! Nor did we realise how close we were to to the main roads with all of the truckies going by in the morning {yeah I sure have a crazy story on that one!}

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Where Are We Now

Our life sure has been full of adventures moving lately…from staying in a caravan park cabin, to book three nights in a Holiday Apartment to now moving into a Fully Furnished Apartment. Did you know that last night we had two apartments in our name, and had access to both of them….to confusing to try and explain that one!

Where Are We Now? We are on the Sunshine Coast, putting into place things for our year 2015 to work out.

This is our inside of the Fully Furnished Apartment – it used to be an apartment that was in the “Holiday” list for the real estate….

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Travelling Australia Cheaper

When we had to be on the Sunshine Coast by the weekend {was that only last weekend? gosh time flys}, and we had no Motorhome I was freaked out thinking what were we going to do and where we going to stay.

Silly me – I should have realised that the Universe provides when you ask the right questions. Mind you I am not sure what questions I was asking.

Travelling Australia Cheaper is possible when you ring around those in the know. Thanks to David’s Boss we were able to stay in a Caravan Cabin way cheaper then if we booked it, but we could only stay there for a week.

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Holidays with Kids: 5 Nature-Based Activities to Do in Australia

Going on holiday with your kids should be fun and educational at the same time. You want your kids to learn but to also enjoy themselves rather than being so bored they’d prefer to stay home! Australia is known for being a kid-friendly destination, bursting with plenty of educational and fun nature-based activities and attractions. Here’s a look at just five of the possibilities.

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Gluten Free Pancakes

We are all trying to get Gluten Free/Sugar Free as much as possible…its not always easy to do when out and about travelling/exploring. Especially if out for lunch/dinner and in a new area – its harder to know where to buy “Safe” food from!

David created this yummy Gluten Free Pancakes Recipe, and cooks it from memory. The other night Kyle begged David to write the recipe down so that he could make them for Breakfast – he wanted to make them for all of us, and he did a great job. We even took some to David for lunch.

A great friend asked for the Recipe {Thanks Korina} and I thought sharing them here on our blog means others can also benefit from the yummy pancakes.

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Rainbow Beach

I am trying to get back on track in every aspect of my life! From Blogging, to even healthier way of eating – gosh Do I miss my Green Smoothies every morning.

To working out – yeah still need to work on finding a gym that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and one that lets me leave when we need to, without having to pay an heavy exit fee.

To getting more sleep….if you see me out and about on the Sunshine Coast excuse the Big Bags under my eyes, and the long hair in my eyes,…..I kinda got a bit neglectful for myself which was silly cause that caused a huge melt down when our motorhome broke down.

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Its My Bus And I Am Going To Cry If I Want To

Normally I am the strong one in our family – The One Who Has To Hold The Shit Together when its hitting the fan. The one who finds solutions when there is an issue to deal with, the one who looks at the bigger picture and finds answers that will work.

Yesterday, My cup was empty, and there was nothing to refill it back up.

Well Friday I didn’t. I didn’t hold it together at all. Its My Bus And I Am Going To Cry If I Want To !!! You see I had unpacked our Campervan stuff back into our Motorhome Monday morning. I had packed up our Motorhome for a trip north – we were going to head out on the road either Wednesday or Thursday.

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We Have Traveled Even Though We Get Told We Never Do

*** For all of our loyal friends, family, readers, followers thanking you for being so very kind to us, and stopping in here to read our blog posts. Even though we haven’t blogged on New Life on the Road for the last month or so, our posts are still being read. For all of those new, welcome to our way of living ****

These Are The Things That Piss Me Off ::

We have been told {and have heard others say about us} “Oh you don’t even travel”

I guess we fly from place to place then?

or we get this one {regularly} “So when are you going to get on the road”

{S**T Don’t say that one to me anymore…cause gee what more can I say? We don’t have a fixed address?? We are on the road to somewhere all of the time}

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Hervey Bay

We have been on the road Travelling for such a long time without power so I have over 600 photos to sort through, many places that I can’t remember where we have been to and to be honest I am lost at where to begin! Blogging is second nature for me because I have been blogging for four years, its been a month since we have been without our Motorhome, and a month of travelling without blogging as much as I normally do.

From Bundaberg we pulled into Toogoom for a brief visit, then continued on our way, pulling into Hervey Bay for the night.

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