Hervey Bay

We have been on the road Travelling for such a long time without power so I have over 600 photos to sort through, many places that I can’t remember where we have been to and to be honest I am lost at where to begin! Blogging is second nature for me because I have been blogging for four years, its been a month since we have been without our Motorhome, and a month of travelling without blogging as much as I normally do.

From Bundaberg we pulled into Toogoom for a brief visit, then continued on our way, pulling into Hervey Bay for the night.

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Macadamia Castle

With our crazy travels from Wollongong to Queensland – after our Bedford Comair Motorhome broke down – we were all staving by the time Breakfast came around! And then we seen a Sign “Pancakes at Macadamia Castle”. Actually Nicholas had seen the sign 120k’s {on the side of the road} for the Castle Breaky and wouldn’t let us stop anywhere along the way.

He was keen to try the Pancakes and I was keen to see the Castle, it was on my “must see” list from when we went past it last time, yet I couldn’t remember where I had seen it but just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it this time.

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Camp Quality Convoy

I know that this was AGES ago, and we are no longer in the Wollongong area but I was looking through our great photos from Camp Quality Convoy day and I remembered that I hadn’t shared it here on our New Life on the Road blog.

Considering we have SO much to share about our travels from the Illawarra area to Bundaberg QLD to back down the Sunshine Coast area, and considering we have power for the time being {will share more soon about where we are} I am going to try and finish up our wonderful travels in New South Wales so that I can start sharing our more recent travels.

Camp Quality Convoy 2014 was huge, way bigger in support then 2013, and I reckon that 2015 will be even a bigger year. And the support is really important because the Children in the area benefit from the fundraiser.

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Fixing The Springs

David was able to organise through his ex-Boss to have our Springs repaired/rebuilt. David from Keep On Travelling knew basically everyone in the Wollongong area so it made it so much easier {and cheaper} to get all of our major work done – quality work at cash prices is the only way to go.

Fixing The Springs on the front was a lot easier then the back ones – only because of the weight issues. They were heavy in the front, and had to be lifted with a Pulley System that David rigged up. But the Back ones were twice as heavy and were harder for David to move around.

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Wollongong Was The Best Location For Travel

I am looking through our Photos from the last two years and I have to say that we were so very lucky to be staying in Wollongong! Its almost like we lived in the Best Kept Secret city ever.

Actually I think that Wollongong Was The Best Location For Travel for all those who live in Australia. Its ideal location means that you can be in Sydney within 1 1/2 hours. Or be down South to Kiama, Gerringong, Berry, Nowra, Basin View, Ulladulla, Eden, or even as far as Mogo <——– the Place we started our journey!

Then you can drive up to Robertson, Kangaroo Valley, Mose Vale, Bowral, Mittagong, Thirlmere, Picton, Appin, Thirroul, Shellharbour, Albion Park – so many locations, so many wonderful places to explore.

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Nan Tien Temple Wollongong

Yeah I am still posting from when we visited places in Wollongong NSW even though we are now in Queensland! But I haven’t got the best internet connection here, a lot has happened and I still have so many amazing places that I want to share before I start sharing our trips from another state.

Did you know that connection here is that bad that it takes soooo long to upload anything, so long for facebook to work and so long for my emails to open up. So I haven’t even been online much cause I would rather spend time in the pool with my boys, or reading a good book.

Oh and I have pulled some serious tummy muscles lifting up boxes in our Shipping Container, so very sore – its feels like I have ripped tissue on the left of my body – in the inside. Not been this sore ever so I am taking it easy today.

But I thought I must share our trip to Nan Tien Temple Wollongong before I share our Macadamia Castle Trip……and I loved re-looking at all the photos from our visit.

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Merry Christmas To You All

I still can’t believe that its Xmas Day, and to be honest it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. Even leading up to Xmas I didn’t feel the spirit and only finished shopping yesterday. I guess it was cause of our mad dash run to get to our location!

But I wanted only one thing today, and that was to spend time with my family.

To spend good quality fun time with lots of memories created for years to come – I didn’t want any expensive gifts, and I didn’t want anything wrapped under the tree. Cause what I want you can’t buy…..I wanted my boys with me.

And I got four out of five of them here, with a phone call from our oldest. My Xmas wish came true.

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The Bedford Broke Down

David has been working on our Bedford for weeks and weeks, with little sleep, lots of very heavy lifting and so many sweat, tears and heaps of money put into getting our Motorhome ready for our big trip north.

We were meant to leave on the Monday 15th December to slowly make our way north…..well that didn’t happen cause we had to wait on our back springs.

Then we were meant to leave Friday but when David was looking at the Gears on Wednesday the Gear Box Parts {can’t remember what its called} broke. So he rang around and found a wonderful company in Port Kembla who spent all after noon Thursday and Friday putting their magic together on making a new part.

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Merry Christmas New Life On The Road Family And Friends

Last Sunday I took Cameron and Kyle into Sydney for the day. It was meant to be the day before we left Wollongong but that was a week ago and we are still here…..I don’t really want to go into that at the moment cause we are still here and have no idea how we are going to make it to David’s parents place in time for Xmas! Yeah fingers are crossed that by the time you are reading this we have left other wise we are going to have to grow wings on our Motorhome so that we can fly there!

Sunday Family Fun Day

Down here in Wollongong New South Wales they have a Sunday Family Fun Day Pass for the Train.  Where you can buy a ticket for $2.50 and that gives you train rides, Ferry Rides, Bus Rides and Light Rail all day – unlimited.

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Spicy Chicken Wings With Blue Cheese Sauce

This recipe was the inspiration from Peach Keen Mumma with her very yummy Recipe – “Franks Red Hot American Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip” – OH my gosh I so wished I had tried it before!

Mind you I did change a few of the ingredients to suit what I already had in the fridge and purchased the rest from Woolworths…..

As we live and cook in our Motorhome I am challenged with finding new recipes that we all like, and that I can cook with such limited Space, we have a bench top oven but its not the best for heat!

Spicy Chicken With Blue Cheese Sauce ::

Ingredients ::

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