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Last Sunday I took Cameron and Kyle into Sydney for the day. It was meant to be the day before we left Wollongong but that was a week ago and we are still here…..I don’t really want to go into that at the moment cause we are still here and have no idea how we are going to make it to David’s parents place in time for Xmas! Yeah fingers are crossed that by the time you are reading this we have left other wise we are going to have to grow wings on our Motorhome so that we can fly there!

Sunday Family Fun Day

Down here in Wollongong New South Wales they have a Sunday Family Fun Day Pass for the Train.  Where you can buy a ticket for $2.50 and that gives you train rides, Ferry Rides, Bus Rides and Light Rail all day – unlimited.

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Spicy Chicken Wings With Blue Cheese Sauce

This recipe was the inspiration from Peach Keen Mumma with her very yummy Recipe – “Franks Red Hot American Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip” – OH my gosh I so wished I had tried it before!

Mind you I did change a few of the ingredients to suit what I already had in the fridge and purchased the rest from Woolworths…..

As we live and cook in our Motorhome I am challenged with finding new recipes that we all like, and that I can cook with such limited Space, we have a bench top oven but its not the best for heat!

Spicy Chicken With Blue Cheese Sauce ::

Ingredients ::

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Grandma And Grandpa Chair

There was only one thing left for us to do before leaving Sydney – and that was to find Grandma and Grandpa Chair in Manly. David’s Mums Parents who loved and visited Manly many times over their marriage life, and who was in that very spot when they were either engaged or maybe when Grandpa proposed to Grandma. {we still hope to find out the story behind their engagement}

The Memorial Chair

David’s Mum’s brothers and sisters organised a Chair in their memory, in the one place they both loved. Grandpa was the most amazing man who I have ever meet, I didn’t really get to meet and know Grandma before she passed away but I have heard so many great wonderful stories. It was the grandparents that David used to make the time to stop and chat to before or after work. It was the Grandparents that everyone loved, everyone turned to them both for advice and share a cuppa. They were the glue that kept the family together.

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The Biggest Balls In Australia

Yeah, Yeah I know I know….we went to Goulburn on our way back from our weekend camping trip to Cowra, which was months ago {back in October} but I am still trying to play catch up. Actually its only when I look through photos that I have realised that I haven’t shared it here at New Life on the Road. Silly me cause I love to share.

Oh if you are ever in Cowra then you must make time for the Cowra Chinese Gardens – its a great place for a mini melt down and to relax, a place I will always remember as breaking my heart and fixing it back into place – its just changed a bit that’s all.

The Biggest Balls In Australia seems to be a very weird blog post title hey? But you will see that the title fits for the biggest Sheep in Australia in Goulburn, a place that I would have loved to return to and explore more of but maybe another time! Not the sheep balls but the township, mind you.

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Kiama Markets

This was meant to go live ages ago…but you know one thing about travelling and blogging? There never seems to be enough time for doing both at the same time.

Actually I had forgotten that we went down to Kiama Markets one Saturday morning until I was looking through pictures of the last few months. I put together a Photo Album for my Mum for a Xmas Pressie and I found that I had a lot of pictures from our Market day that I hadn’t shared here on New Life on the Road.

So before we leave the Wollongong Area I am going to pump out as many blog posts on all of our travels in the area so that when we travel I can post fresh posts about the areas we see and what we are going to be doing. Mind you I bet that I still found many more photo albums of places that we have visited and not shared!!

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The Freedom Of A Car

But seriously. Schoolies. It’s actually madness. And for anyone who’s ever been – you know man, ‘cos you were THERE. IT’s not quite as intense as like, ‘Nam or something, but you run the risk of leaving just as shell shocked as a veteran if you don’t know what you’re doing…

{Our family has been to the Gold Coast but not during Schoolies week! That would be so crazy with all of the young ones!! I would highly recommend the theme parks, Movie World Gold Coast Theme Park was one of our favorites. Along with Dreamworld and White Water World}

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The Bolt That Stopped The Nation

Got your attention right? Well that’s what I was aiming for!!! For real, The Bolt That Stopped The Nation is what’s going on in our Motorhome with the back springs.

Thanking you universe for providing easier front springs for David to Work on, damn these back ones {wish I could say more words but I am trying very hard to be polite here!!!}

Front of the Motorhome


We had the front of the Motorhome on a lean last week while he worked on the Front Springs – they were easier to get out which was so good!

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Must-Have Appliances for Your Home on Wheels

Whether you’re living permanently in a caravan or doing a driving trip around the country in an RV, the fact is that you have less room to work with than in a house (or even an apartment). This means you need to be smart about which appliances you purchase for your home on wheels, as well as how you organise them in your living space. With that said, there are some items that are simply essentials for the mobile lifestyle – listed below are a few such appliances.

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Happy 13th Birthday Cameron

Over the weekend we got to celebrate our son’s Cameron 13th Birthday….how did the years go by so very fast? We now have another teenager in the mix of our boys, smelly emotional roller coasting times ahead.

Happy 13th Birthday Cameron

Every year our boys get to pick what they would like for their Birthday Dinner and Birthday Cake – every year Cameron wants Lasagna. Now that we are all grain and sugar free this year birthday dinner was going to be a challenge so David and I made the decision to forget our eating style and go with the flow. Big mistake ~ we both woke up the next day with headaches :)

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Our Experience With Spaceship Rentals

A few weeks ago we took a Road Trip down to Eden. I am still to trying to update our magical three days down there – so far I have shared Waldron Swamp Rest AreaEden Whale Festival, Eden Killer Whale Museum, Eden Fascinating Sites – still have lots more of our adventures from down there to share!

To get to the Eden Whale Festival {and to see all of Eden} we used a Spaceship Campervan Rental from Sydney. Actually I was not keen to return the vehicle, I would have loved to keep it and drive all over Australia with it!!!

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